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How to have the best Stag Night Party Ever!!!

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SillyJokes has a wide range of stag do ideas to help you celebrate in style. We also have a wide selection of stag do party accessories for even more stag do ideas.

It is common in cultures around the world for men and women to come together, at single sex parties, to celebrate the end of singleton life for the bride and groom.

It is best do this a few days before the wedding day in case things get a little too wild! You don't want to find yourself naked, miles away from home, like the guys in The Hangover.

Stag Party

This can be a few friends down the local pub, partying at a nightclub, white water rafting in Scotland or seeing the sites in Barcelona. Whatever you do this should be a time to remember. We can help you do just that.

Location Location Location

Can't decide where to go then there are a number of websites that will arrange it all for you. Freedom Ltd will all help you arrange that special weekend.

They can arrange daytime activities from white water rafting, speed boating, clay shooting, paint balling by day and for the evening night clubbing.

Even if it's just a trip to the local pub or nightspot make sure you arrive in style by hiring a limousine.


Wherever you go you need to be noticed.

A stag party gives you the ideal opportunity to get dressed up. We have a wide range of fancy dress from Zorro to Elvis; let your alter ego take over.

Get the whole group involved and each wear a fun wig so you can still identify each other by the end of the evening!

Are you a group of rockers or disco kings? We have wigs to suit all sorts.

Make sure the bridegroom can easily be identified by his ball and chain and fake breasts and bottom. Everyone will want a feel. You can't beat a tits and bum man!

If you are planning a group trip away why not get everyone a Personalised T-Shirt with details of the break and the Stag?


So you are all dressed up and raring to go. Try these activities to make sure the groom to be has a night to remember.

Create humorous havoc at your venue:

  • Trail of fake sick across the toilet floor.
  • Dog poo in the urinal
  • Joke soap by the sink
  • Toilet squirter on the toilet seat
  • What's that smell? Discretely break a vial of stink bomb as you leave the bar

Want a drinking game, then has 103 to choose from Ever played Jenga or bouncing ball?

Of course the evening would not be complete without the groom to be sowing his oats (metaphorically speaking) so he has to get a kiss from a blonde, brunette and a red head. If there is dancing at your venue include a dance. Make sure you get a photograph.

Stag Night Lists

Top 5 things to take

  • A notebook for you to collect tips for the groom to be, and collect tips from strange women.
  • Cameras to catch the action
  • Ball and chain, tits and bum
  • List of Drinking Games
  • Bag of spare clothes (hidden) in case they take yours!

Top 5 things to leave behind

  • Mother, she wouldn't want to know what her little boy is up to!
  • Girlfriend, obviously.
  • Wallet, let your last night of freedom be on your mates.
  • Condoms, you will be not be capable by the end of the night!
  • Inhibitions, this is the last time you can let them go………

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