Do you need something silly?

Need ideas for fancy dress beginning with the letter P? We've given a range of ideas which we hope will spark your imagination. We've got a huge range of costumes, masks and accessories which will help you dress up in theme. You can solve your problem with a straightforward costume or use a range of accessories to create the most amusing and original costume of the night.

  • Policeman
  • Pole Dancer
  • Pilot
  • Papparzzi
  • Playboy Bunny
  • Plain Clothes Detective
  • Partizan
  • Peter Pan
  • Lord Percy
  • Pan - with his pipes
  • Purple People Eater
  • Pony
  • Pieman
  • Polygamist
  • Priest
  • Pope
  • Party Animal - any creature you fancy
  • Postman
  • Pipe Smoker

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