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Zombie party, make up and fancy dress costume ideas

When it comes to making a list of your favourite horror films I would hazard a guess that there will be at least one or even two Zombie films in there. The classics from a certain George A Romero have been on our screens for over 30 years now. The very idea of a virus that transforms a perfectly normal human being into a blood crazed, flesh eating member of the undead has proven extremely popular with the likes of Resident Evil bringing the franchise up to date and making it available to a new audience.

Looking back over all the Zombie films, especially those that came in the 70's and 80's, there was an element of the tongue in cheek about the whole genre. It never really took itself too seriously, which was a good thing and made the Zombie films a hit. The modern incarnations tend to park the humour in favour of special effects and big name stars. Despite this Zombies have remained a powerful, sometimes funny, sometimes horrific symbol in our psyche. When the time is right we can all embrace the Zombies within us and play the part.

One particular occasion is a fancy dress party, this really does give you carte blanche to go out and dress up as absolutely anything you want. It's a fantastic opportunity to let your imagination run riot and delve into the darkest corners of your mind to come up with something that will blow the competition away.

The first thing to do is to rent a couple of old classic Zombie movies and get some great tips on what the costume should look like. You'll notice there is generally a lot blood and wounds on the face, hands and bodies of the undead. This is something that you can easily replicate by using some colourful make up and some fake blood.

The next step is to get the clothes right, you'll need to have jeans and a shirt preferably but they will need to be blood stained and torn. You can get Zombie costumes with fake flesh hanging from them and blood stains all over the trousers creating that really authentic look. If you can't get hold of a Zombie mask then do not panic, you can use a variety of different pieces of fancy dress to create that gory look, perhaps you could go for blood stained teeth and blood in your hair?

The final piece of the costume will have to come from within you and I'm not talking your guts! To be a convincing Zombie you will have to walk like one. Remember the lumbering stride that the undead have, it is a slow but relentless gait and helps to cement the fact that they are no longer human....but members of the undead.

You'll be able to find this sort of thing online, just a simple search should bring up a wide variety of sites from which you can pick and choose the items that you like.