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Winning Customer Testimonials

We enjoy hearing from you - our valued customers - please let us know how much you love our store and the service received. Also, tell us what crazy things you get up to with our products, got a photo? send it along! Have a look at the latest comments left by some of you Silly Jokers.

But please still leave feedback, we love to hear from you.

Decided with a few of my friends that our outdoor swim should include an element to celebrate the Royal Wedding so I needed crowns and tiaras in a hurry. I ordered these on Tuesday, they arrived on Wednesday and were really good quality (especially since they weren?t expensive). I?m really impressed with the service
And here we are celebrating the wedding in style in a lake in Cheshire!

Dawn H. - 5 May 2011

Loving the ladies and gentleman of the lake. Congratulations May 2011 £50 voucher winners.
Caroline at SillyJokes

This is my daughter, dressed up for Florence Nightingale Day at school. The service at Silly Jokes was great, instant confirmation of order and delivery, next-day delivery, and the quality of the fabric was very good and it looked great on - unlike other stuff I had seen. I will come back to Silly Jokes again and recommend it to everyone.
Marina W. - 27 Apr 2011

Congratulations April 2011 £50 voucher winner.
Caroline at SillyJokes

World Book Day at School.
Dylan is The Mad Hatter
Sean is Fantastic Mr Fox
We added bits to your great headgear. Thanks we loved the whole day.

Dylan & Sean - 5 Mar 2011

Congratulations. March 2011 £50 voucher winner. Love the Mad Hatter and Fantastic Mr Fox. They look so cheeky.
Caroline at SillyJokes

Delighted by the quality, price and the service you provide. This item made our grandaughters day and was worth every penny. I highly recomend you and will certainly use you again, once again thank you for making one little 3 1/2 year old girl very happy.
Clive B. - 18 Feb 2011

March 2011 £50 voucher winner. What a delightful little waif she makes. Congratulations.
Caroline at SillyJokes

we had a big long box in our hallway from a diy wardrobe so when my husband left the house me and my kids made a body out of his work uniform and newspaper and printed off a skeleton face and put it at the top. When he came home on halloween to move the box the skeleton popped out and scared him to witless. Was very funny.
HAYLEY D. - 17 Jan 2011

Absolutely stone cold winner of January 2011's £50 voucher. You people are evil. We love it.
Caroline at SillyJokes

I used the bruise tattoo transfers, scrape tattoo transfers, slash throat wound and Snazaroo gel blood to create this murder victim look for Halloween. The slashed throat was pretty disgusting up close!
Poppy D. - 1 Nov 2010

Congratulations you are November 2010's £50 voucher winner.
Caroline at SillyJokes

Hi Please see attached Photos of what we used your horses heads for J
(Wear It Pink Day at work for Cancer Research)

The horses heads proved a major success at our IT department in work - they are very realistic with very good responses

Thanks again SillyJokes J

Lee, Chris, John, Andy and Simon
Lee F. - 29 Oct 2010

Congratulations October 2010 winner. Love the horses on the screen.
Caroline at SillyJokes

Thanks to Silly Jokes we have had three fantastic Halloween Partys and from the look of the props you have this year... I am sure it wil be four years running.
Daniel R. - 12 Sep 2010

Congratulations, you are September's voucher winner.
Caroline at SillyJokes

I wore this outfit to sing 'Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend'in an amateur concert in March. I did adapt the dress slightly by sewing in bra cups for extra support. I gathered the back of the bodice with a running stitch for a better fit as I am quite small & removed the belt buckle as I preferred the dress without it. I also added my own gloves & jewellery.I had a lot of compliments on the outfit so I think it worked well.
Eliza H. - 15 Jul 2010

Congratulations, Diamonds ARE a girl's best friend. You are our July winner of a £50 voucher.
Caroline at SillyJokes

We threw a fantastic Halloween party last year and had over 60 Trick or Treaters!! We bought lots of Trick or Treat toys from you which went down a storm. Looking forward to this years Halloween!!
Lucy J. - 10 Jun 2010

Congratulations. Your photo will give lots of people ideas and we are happy to give you a £50 for being June's winner.
Caroline at SillyJokes

We use your inflatable globes as part of a resource for prayer and reflection in schools. Pupils use them to find places in the world they are interested in or worried about.
Rachel - 18 May 2010

Congratulations, you win a £50 voucher May 2010. Hope you can put it to good use.
Caroline at SillyJokes

Thanks to Silly Jokes another fantastic Halloween party for 2010 we were the talk of the town
James S. - 13 Apr 2010

Congratulations, James, your atmospheric photo of your Halloween decor has won you a £50 to spend with us. April 2010. You might like to wait until you see this years Halloween stock - it's going to be spooktacular.
Caroline at SillyJokes

this is my attempt at using theatre blood for fake wounds. however,it's a little thick,so i thinned it down a tiny bit with some food colouring (not natural extract food colouring made from paprika,as it turns orange and stings your skin) the other items were all bought on this site,the wounds were wax and they were sealed using "fake skin" (liquid latex) Sucking some of the blood up through the straw and getting someone to blow it out the other end at you gets a pretty good splatter effect,haha.
Luke N. - 2 Mar 2010

Congratulations, your imaginative use of our make up wins you our March 2010 £50 voucher.
Caroline at SillyJokes

Y'aaar I decided to throw a Pirate themed party and silly jokes had everything from parrots to pieces of eight! Goods sailied straight to mi ship in good time! Mi only complaint is the tiny font on the webiste be a struggle for mi one eye to read. Great service mi hearties glad to have ya part of mi crew!
Admiral C. - 3 Feb 2010

Congratulations. February 2010 Voucher winner. Glad to hear ye had a fine time, Admiral. Did ye know ye can resize the text on our website by holding down Ctrl and scrolling yer mouse wheel?
Caroline at SillyJokes

I came across this beard because of a dress up party wanting to be "old man" as the party i went to was to do with the first letter of your name, when i got this i realized that this beard can be used for so many things other then a captain of a ship, it is comfortable and looks really good and funny while still having some realism.
Oscar - 26 Jan 2010

Congratulations. Your ideas for our grey beards have won you a £50 Voucher for January 2010.
Caroline at SillyJokes

Here is the result of the fake skin - liquid latex and glow in the dark white makeup. Also used some liquid blood capsules to great effect!
Nick C. - 5 Dec 2009

Congratulations, that is really quite horrible! You are our December 2009 winner.
Caroline at SillyJokes

Firstly may I just say how absolutely delighted I was with the service I received when I placed an order for the Victorian Molly Maid costume. I had scoured the local High Street, and that of nearby towns, for a Victorian costume for my 10year old grand-daughter for a school project and been unable to find anything except an Adult's Mopcap (which was such poor quality that it was too small for my grand-daughter!)
I was facing the prospect of having to buy the material to make her outfit, which would have meant more time spent shopping plus the hours at the sewing machine, when I thought to look online and found your website.
I was delighted to find exactly what I had been looking for and at such a reasonable price that at 2.55pm on the Thursday I started to place my order, quite expecting to have missed the 3pm deadline for same-day despatch. The costume arrived in the post on the Friday.
We were both pleased with the quality of the costume, very well made and not at all skimpy. In fact, she had been told to dress warmly and there was even room to wear a long sleeved Tshirt under the dress. I shall certainly remember your website when any of my grandchildren require to dress up.
I am sending you a photo of her in costume, I think you'll agree she looks the part.
Thank you once again for such wonderful service, very impressive these days.

Val L. - 23 Nov 2009

Congratulations, you looked so neat in the maid outfit we had to make you November's voucher winner. Hope you enjoyed your Victorian Day at school.
Caroline at SillyJokes

Here is my first attempt at a slashed throat using the Snazaroo Special FX kit. Thanks to this I am fully booked for halloween!!!! woop woop!!!
Tony P. - 13 Oct 2009

Congratulations, we loved your work and you are our Oct 2009 £50 Voucher winner
Caroline at SillyJokes

Toby striking a pose as a cowboy for his schools international costume day!! he absolutley loved wearing it and we bought the pistol to finish off the outfit for a very reasonable £1.99!!
Extremely good quality and well detailed, very pleased with this!

naomi e. - 24 Sep 2009

Yeehaa!. Congratualtions Toby, you are our September 2009 winner!
Caroline at SillyJokes

Didn't tell anyone about this it was a discovery they made at thier most desparate moment some kids would not even go to the loo without thier mums lol
Samantha B. - 22 Aug 2009

Congratulations, August 2009 winner. We love the bathroom idea.
Caroline at SillyJokes

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