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What is Pub Golf and where can I get fancy dress for it?

Pub Golf is a popular game played by students, hen and stag parties and even those celebrating their birthday! The game itself is based loosely on the actual rules of golf; however that is where the similarity ends.

First off the organisers must decide whether the game of Pub Golf is to be played over 9 or 18 holes, or in this case pubs, once and agreement has been reached then the holes are designated - a route taking in the local pubs is decided upon. For each "hole" or pub a par is established, this equates to the number of drinks that need to be consumed by the Golfers on their round. For example a hole with a par 3 will denote that a shot of spirit must be drunk in order to stay on par, where as a pub with a par 4 will mean that a pint of lager must be drunk and so on. The main caveat is that the drink needs to be consumed in a number of strokes in order to stay on or under par, so a par 4 which is a pint of lager needs to be drunk in no more than 4 attempts.

Scores are kept on score cards and it is recommended if not necessarily followed that the pars for each hole and the drinks related to them are reasonable enough so that everyone can make it through the round. There are of course pitfalls and penalties associated with the game of Pub Golf, so for example if you spill your drink that equals one shot dropped, perhaps you get thrown out of a pub that's two shots dropped and so on.

The real fun comes from not only playing Pub Golf but also dressing up for the occasion, now although there are no rules to say that you must make an effort, it is generally considered bad form if you don't get dressed up in some comical Golf attire, for example an argyle sweater is a favourite, but there are numerous other additions such as flat caps, visors, long socks, chequered trousers, golf gloves and even inflatable golf clubs.

Pub Golf is a chance for everyone to make a real effort and dress up in a tongue in cheek manner, then head out and enjoy a memorable night on the town. Pub Golf offers an interesting alternative to a pub crawl or the standard night out as it includes the element of both competition and comedy; it's also a great way to get a group of people together and break the ice.

So, next time you're planning a celebration or reunion or whatever the occasion is why not consider Pub Golf? It's got everything you need for a fun night out and is yet another excuse to dress up, a simple online search will give you the rules and then you can focus on your costume for the night, making sure you are the best or worst dressed to the party!

Golf Hat, Green Sun Visor