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Foam Posing Frame Leonardo Small 41cm x 33cm

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Frame your face for an interesting twist on photo booth props. Great for single faces.

New and completely Exclusive to SillyJokes this innovative frame lets your guests go wild in the photo booth and take snaps using a picture frame prop that looks amazing time after time after time.

Everyone loves using a picture frame in photos these days. The trouble is, picture frames are expensive, often hard to find and actually pretty fragile so that they break apart long before you have had your money's worth out of them.

With our innovative new Posing Frames the whole family can enjoy playing with picture frames at the photo shoot or photo booth because it's so light even the very young, the very old and the very drunk can use it without hurting themselves.

These Posing Frames are incredibly tough. In testing they survived being thrown out of an upstairs window, covered in cake and pulled from either side hard. I’ve even run one over in a car and they still look good. Being completely water proof you can easily clean off mud, lipstick and cake with a baby wipe or a washing up brush. They have a year’s guarantee.

Clients looking for the latest trend in photo props can pick up and drop this picture frame while posing for snaps safely without the frame breaking or damaging the booth or themselves.

You can set up the frames out of doors, for instance hanging from a tree in a pretty garden, because they are waterproof. What about taking it on holiday for framed pictures in the swimming pool or sea? It won't sink! (Not a floatation aid).

Posing Frames will last event after event after event, indoors or outdoors.

It's super lightweight which makes it a breeze to take to shoots and events but its very detailed photo realistic print looks fabulous on camera. No reflective glare either.

The Leonardo recreates an antiqued gilt effect frame and comes in several sizes up to nearly a meter square so there is a size to suit your set up. Mix up the way the frames look with different sizes.

Use more than one frame at a time - no one is going to smash the frames together, pinch fingers or bash into their friends.

It's made from dense non toxic 30mm foam with a highly detailed printed fabric surface. The frame is also washable and waterproof.

  • Non Toxic Foam Frame
  • Printed Cover
  • Water Proof
  • 3 sizes
  • External 411mm x 325mm
  • Internal 297mm x 220mm
  • 30mm thick

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