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Bloody Severed Arm

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As severed arms go this is definitely our creepiest yet.

It is the usual severed forearm and hand but this time it is very nicely moulded on a real arm. We very much hope that it was not a real cut off arm at the time but you can decide for yourself when you see the detail in the finger nails, lines, wrinkles, stark white bones and blood vessels extruding from the cut end.

What makes this halloween or horror arm more disturbing is that is it is quite small, like that of a child or woman. It is smothered in 'fresh blood' and looks remarkably realistic.

This makes a great snack for a Zombie who might be attending a Zombie Walk or Apocalypse. It's always wise to pack a lunch in case the brains run out.

  • Stuffed Latex right arm
  • 36cm long

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