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Ideas for a Zombie Party

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Zombie Party Ideas

We all need to be prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse but these days it doesn’t have be a dull affair.

You can combine your next training event with having a party.

Zombie Party Invitations and Decoration

The invitations I made were really simple, with the usual details of the location, time and dress code on plain white A4 sheet of paper but then get out the red poster paint and splat a nice bloody hand print at the bottom and dip the tip of your index finger in the wet paint to flick it over the sheet in a squirty splatter.  This hand print technique would work on any shop bought invitations too.

Decorating the party is easy these days with plenty of online stores carrying Halloween products throughout the year. They may not be able to get out of stock items until August though. You should be on the lookout for decorations of severed limbs, heads, eyeballs and plenty of blood.

Stick body parts

You can also Zombie-up regular party decorations. Try attacking bunting with scissors and poster paint. Balloons should ideally be black, green and red, with red or black ribbon. Snip the edges of paper table covers and spatter with bloody hand prints. It needs to look like a regular party has been zombified.

Norms vs Zombies

Start the party with everyone being normal and a nominated person being a Zombie on the very slow attack. The only real way to kill a zombie is to stove its head in but try not to wallop a real person with a cricket bat. Perhaps a collection of inflatable hammers would suffice?

As the ‘Zombie’ catches each person they can be turned. This could involve getting some Zombie make up applied. The basics of a quick Zombie make over are a green hewed makeup, black circles right around the eye sockets, and some blood around the mouth and nostrils. Use talc in the hair to render it dusty and straggly.

Don’t neglect to do the backs of the hands too for a complete look.


Zombie Food

The most obvious food for all Zombies is brains and plenty of them.     You can make a brain jelly  but don’t stop there.  Our moulds have been used to make blancmange, icecream, pate, even.  The more opaque foods look more realistic than clear jelly.  Don’t forget to make a nice raspberry coulis to pour over the finished brain.  This is easy to make  from frozen berries blitzed with sugar.  If making savoury, a red current jelly can be gently warmed and poured over

Brain and Heart food molds

Other zombie party food comes straight out of Halloween with the emphasis on body parts.  Look for recipes like cheese ‘fingers’ with almond finger nails.  Or sausages dipped in ketchup.  The current trend for cake pops literally screams eyeballs on a stick.

Cake Pop Eyeballs

Zombie Games

Zombie games could include Musical Shuffling between very widely spaced chairs - no running now - you are Zombies, Hunt the severed ear or Pass the parcel which can be made where each layer contains a body part or a forfeit.  Stick the eyeball on the Zombie (Of course the correct location is half way down their face.)

Paint eyeballs on table tennis balls and get some straws and have a game of Zombie Blow Football. You can slow the balls down by making a tiny hole and putting a little sand or water inside. Get water in by warming the ball in hot (not boiling) water then plunging it into cold water so the water is drawn in as the air contracts..

If you have the fast moving kind of zombies you could have fun learning the Thriller Dance at the end of the event. Some people like their guests to try and learn it before hand and to be honest, it’s something that we should all know, like the words to the dead parrot sketch and the correct way to address Dr Who.

One of the best instructional YouTube vids is made by there, but it won't embed for me. 


Stage your own Plants V Zombies game


Plants vs Zombies


If you have enough trainees at the party you could split them into teams and have a go at the very popular online game Plants v Zombies.  In the game the Zombies are coming across the lawn with only the plants to stop them.  In real life one team  are Zombies walking slooooooowly across the grass.  The other team represent the plants and can throw bean bags or any thing soft at the zombies.  They have to hit each Zombie three times before he or she is stopped.  The plants are not allowed to move.  They can only throw beanbags at the zombie coming directly at them.

There isn't a lot of point to this, except the Zombies get to eat the plants if they reach them.   It's in your interst to stop them because once across that lawn they want your Braaaaaaaains.

Final Touches

Needless to say as you relax after a strenuous day’s Apocalypse training you should pop on a nice film like Dawn of the Dead, I am Legend,  28 Days Later or my personal favourite, Shaun of the Dead.  Here’s a pretty comprehensive list of Zombie Films to choose from    

Dos and Don'ts

Finally, just to make sure that you manage your Zombie Apocalypse well, here are some dos and don'ts to bear in mind: