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World Book Day party ideas & fancy dress from SillyJokes

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World Book Day Party ideas

Time is running out, need a world book day character costume fast? Original ideas, same day shipping and express delivery available on all orders.

On the first Thursday in March thousands of schools in the UK and Ireland will be celebrating World Book Day. This fabulous annual event celebrates all things books and aside from highlighting the value of books, the event itself is proving to be a valuable educational tool in schools.

Undoubtedly around this time your child's school will be organising a host of events to celebrate world book day. One thing which nearly all schools encourage on this day is that the children (and teachers) throw off their school uniform shackles and attend school wearing a book character themed costume or fancy dress outfit.

School letters about this event generally go out with as little as one-weeks notice which leaves parents with little time to put together a book character costume.

As a result World Book Day often sees parents either pulling out their sewing machines in a frantic frenzy to tailor-make their child an original costume or searching the shops and Internet for ready-made fancy dress costumes that can be delivered in good time to wear on the big day.

Fortunately the fancy dress industry has caught up with requirements for book character themed costumes and they have created lots of fabulous outfits for children aged 4 to adult size to wear in celebration of this novel day (excuse the pun) and we stock many of them.

If you are stuck for book character ideas check out ours below:

Book character costume ideas for children aged 4 - 8 (Lower School)

Young girls enjoy dressing as fairies, princesses and queens. Young boys prefer to be dressed as action figures. Ideas from this category which can be found in our costume section are:

Various animal masks can be used to create characters from the following books:

Book character costume ideas for children aged 9 - 12 (Middle school)

Children of this age prefer a more mature book character costume and will steer away from traditional fairy / Disney style type characters. For this age range our Medieval/Viking/Victorian period costume section may appeal. Book character ideas in this range and others include:

Book character costume ideas for children aged 13 - 16 (Upper School)

Many of these costumes are also available in adult sizes so teachers can dress up too!

To ensure your child isn't attending school dressed as Casper The Friendly Ghost (because all you have time to throw together is a sheet with some eye holes cut out) we offer same day shipping and express delivery to ensure your child's book character costume arrives on time!