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Hollywood theme party ideas from SillyJokes

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Nobody does parties like Hollywood. Well, nobody except you, that is.

Just picture it: the stars, the cars, the expensive gift bags from all the top designer stores… OK, so maybe you don't want to spend quite as much as the Academy does on Oscar night, but a Hollywood themed party can still sparkle, even if you and your friends are more Coronation Street than the OC.

Award winning invitations

Most stars will turn up to the opening of an envelope. Envelopes can be pretty boring, though, so to make sure your invites attract the A-list, try these alternatives:

Of course, if you really must use boring old envelopes, at least make sure they're gold or silver, for some Hollywood glamour.

Roll out the Red Carpet

We're talking literally here. Well, it wouldn't be a Hollywood party without a red carpet to walk on, would it? When your guests alight from their limos, have the carpet rolled out ready for them, complete with paparazzi (that's you, or a helpful friend) ready to take their photos - recruit more paps with cameras for that authentic "opening night" feel. (Alternatively, if you use a Polaroid camera for this, you'll also have some great mementos to hand out at the end of the evening).

Luckily, Hollywood parties cost far less than you'd imagine to decorate for. One thing you absolutely must have, of course, is the famous "Hollywood" sign. Spotlights, clapperboards and sundry other movie props will make your stars and starlets feel right at home.

Finally, glam up your location (because it's not a house, darlings, it's a "location") with some silver and gold balloons, weighed down with a bottle of champagne. Some movie posters will complete the look, and help your stars feel they're amongst friends.

Hollywood fashion report

In Hollywood, clothes aren't just for fashion - they're a religion, so it's important to dress the part. Which part, though? Well, take your pick: you could be Marilyn Monroe, with classic white dress and blonde wig, Arnie, either in-character as Terminator as himself, or even an extra from Planet of the Apes.

Of course, not everyone can be a star, and Hollywood is full of wannabees. Get the starlet look with a glam platinum wig,or go for old-style Hollywood glamour as a flapper girl.

On the other hand, a lot of actress/model/whatevers end up waiting tables, so if you'd rather dress down for the occasion, keep it real with a maid's outfit.

Party Like the Stars

You could just stand around eating canapés, sipping champagne and - discussing the latest celebrity scandal - but where's the fun in that? Here are some star-studded games to earn your party its place in the hall of fame:

Celebrity Guess Who

Get a pile of blank stickers and write the name of a different star on each. As your guests arrive, they each get a sticker on their back, forehead, or anywhere else where its visible to everyone but them. Their task is to work out who they are from hints dropped by their fellow guests. Each "star" may ask closed questions (requiring a yes/no answer) to try to establish their identity. Winner gets an inflatable champagne bottle - or a real one, if you can stretch to it.


An oldie but a goodie. Just don't let the stars fight over who gets top billing


If you've played the first of the games on this list, your guests should by now already be in character. Set up a podium (a table will do!), dim the lights, grab the mic, and let the awards ceremony commence. You can present awards for the best costume, best hair, best whatever you like … but it'll be more fun if you make your stars sing for their supper by performing a short party-piece and then letting the other guests vote for who wins. A sort of "X-Factor meets the Oscars" in your front room….

Name That (Movie) Tune

Prepare for your party by recording famous movie theme tunes onto tape. Arrange your guests into teams and play a few seconds of each tune for the guests to guess. Pick a movie-themed prize for the winning team.

Celebrity Nibbles

Champagne, canapés and caviar are the order of the evening at all the best star-studded bashes. Less expensive, but just as appealing are: