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UK Festival fancy dress ideas and themes for 2013

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Are you looking forward to the 2013 festival season?

Fancy dress has become an integral part of almost any festival and I’ve noticed a big increase in the numbers that include a parade or dress up Saturday. It’s a great way to get everyone in the mood for a party and gets strangers mixing. SillyJokes has a range of festival fancy dress ideas and other accessories too.

Get all your essentials before you go. Sorting out your wellies and your sun cream is a given but you could also think about items like glow sticks, balloons, flags and bunting to make your camping area distinctive. You'll be paying a premium if you pick them up at the venue.

Lots of music festivals have a fancy dress day or a fancy dress parade and you'll usually get some notification of what the theme is in advance but even if you don't know it's worth taking a few accessories along like a feather boa, some stockings, a soft hat which will pack flat such as a See You Jimmy, or an Australian Cork hat and never forget a wig or two.

Sometimes you think dressing up isn't for you but at around 6 o'clock when everyone else emerges from their festy tents in weird and wonderful costumes, you know you'll find yourself desperate to join in.

UK Festivals with a fancy dress day or parade*

Remember, don't bother buying large flags to wave as lots of the festivals are discouraging these, but you can still decorate your camp and mark your territory with bunting and balloons.

*Other festivals may also have fancy dress.