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Everybody farts, even so called 'Famous' people fart. Here at SillyJokes we are studying the archives, consulting the experts (and making a few bits up), to bring you a comprehensive list of the most famous people from History and Hollywood, their farting habits and most crucially whether they would ORDER the Remote Controlled Fart Machine.

If you are new the joys of celebrity chuffing you may enjoy our archive of famous farters.

Leonardo, he's crap you know

Leonardo di Caprio, real name Leonard Crapper, has made his mark in America's Hollywood where all the movies are made. Hanging out with Brad Pitt has changed the baby-faced thespians approach to wooing women. Far from being the ultimate in auto passion, the famous steamedress-up car love scene in Titanic really featured Kate Winslet's desperate attempts to flee the all pervading pong!!

Would he Order the Fart Machine........ YES!

Brad Pitt

It is often said of Brad "You wouldn't kick him out of bed for FARTING", truth is, you probably would! It is well known amongst the Hollywood cognicenti that Brad's Stinky Farts lead to the breakup between him and ex fiance, Gwyneth Paltrow. How long will it be before new leading lady Jennifer Aniston wakes up to Brad's incredible duvet lifters?

Would he Order the Fart Machine........ YES!

Alfred Hitchcock

It's well known that Hitchcock always made appearances in his movies. What is less well known is that the 'Master' liked to slip one out somewhere on each sound track.

Would he Order the Fart Machine........ YES!

Egypt's Cleopatra

Cleopatra, Queen of the Nile. Her name conjures images of unsurpassed beauty and power. Great lovers Julius Ceasar and Mark Anthony were drawn into her seductive web only to mourn as she embraced death in the shape of an Asp. If Egypt's Queen knew how to die she also knew how to live. After a good meal and a romp with Mark Anthony, Cleo liked nothing better than lying back in a bath of asses milk where she produced millions of tiny bubbles and is widely credited with the invention of the Cappacino.

Would she Order the Fart Machine........ YES!

Jean Luc Picard

Jean Luc Picard, Captain of the futuristic looking Starship Enterprise. "Surely", you say, "He can't possibly be farting in the 23rd century?", but how wrong can you be? Even far into the future mankind cannot escape the inevitable effect of the healthy diet, high in raw vegetables, they are forced to eat. But luckily for cool headed 'baldy' Picard, microscopic 'Transporters' positioned in his tight fitting captains uniform, beam every one of Jean Luc's 'Phazer Blasts' directly into space. Perhaps that's what he means when he says, "Engage,". Only telepathic councellor Deanna Troy will ever know for sure.

Would he Order the Fart Machine........ YES!

Florence Nightingale

Within six months of arriving in the Crimean this remarkable woman had cut the mortality rate in the hospitals from 60% to 2%, the press soon dubbed her 'the lady with the lamp'. For many years historians believed this to be because she spent most of the night wandering the wards nursing the injured service men, but the team at SillyJokes can EXCLUSIVELY reveal that the real reason was her ability to blow out a candle at 2ft.

Would she Order the Fart Machine........ YES!