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About Us

SillyJokes is changing.

We no longer sell fancy dress, party goods and practical jokes.

And we are no longer based in Buckingham but near Ledbury, Herefordshire.

Photo Booth Signs

We make high quality Photo Booth Signs for the professional photo booth owner.

What does that mean?

Wherever you take photos at an event a quality photo booth prop will help get your message across and increase social media engagement with your brand or event.

Wooden Spoons

We engrave faces and text onto wooden spoons too. This business began during the pandemic lockdown when all events that required photo booth props ceased happening.

What sets us apart?

Our photo booth signs are not made of PVC but laminated MDF which means far less plastic is produced. There is usually a handle on the back so people hold the sign without their fingers covering the message. They will last lots and lots of events and still look great.

If you are looking for a photo sign that will look fantastic throughout your event and fully represent your brand talk to us about our custom prop service.

We were very proud to be selected for inclusion in the British Library archive of websites as representative of Britain online today.

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