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You've got a

and SillyJokes is all about helping you do just that. is an 'online only' Joke and Party Shop based in the Heart of England - Milton Keynes.

Over 17 years trading online under the same management.

From humble beginnings late in 1999 flogging the Remote Controlled Fart Machine from our back bedroom, we've grown into a top online resource for practical jokes, fancy dress and party supplies. Now we've got proper offices, staff, a giant warehouse and everything - who'd have thought?

It's makes me gasp to think we've helped over 500,000 people do something silly. It just goes to show that you can start small and grow into something amazing.

What sets us apart?

It's hard to believe it but we really do spend all our days testing our products, trying on costumes and playing pranks on people to check their hilarity content (although the postman is wise to us now).

Every item is studied to ensure quality and accurate description on the site. You can shop with the confidence you'll be getting the product described. Better than that, you'll be getting it fast.

We have stock of everything we sell so orders can be filled within one working day of being placed, our postage is the cheapest and we are 100% devoted to our customers.

What? No saucy items?

One or two products are risque but you won't find deeply offensive surprises hidden on our site. So you can surf with confidence.

The Website was designed in-house with you in mind, not some corporate bigwig. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

So good we've been archived by the British Library.

We were very proud to be selected for inclusion in the British Library archive of websites as representative of Britain online today.

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