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Oktoberfest is a great way to celebrate beer and what better way to celebrate beer than to drink it surrounded by decorations and dressed up in the funniest fancy dress accessories and lederhosen? The drinking fancy dress and beer festival decorations, bunting and flags found here are a great way to get the party going with a oom pah pah pah.

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  1. Speech Bubble Photo Booth Prop, I'm only here for the Beer

    Speech Bubble - I'm Only Here For The Beer

    Although it is said in jest there is always one person who wouldn't be there if there was no beer. Learn More
    Code: 013-815
  2. 8m Beer Festival Bunting with Drinkers

    Oktoberfest: 8m Beer Festival Bunting

    Oktoberfest is all about the Bavarian beer and this 8m bunting has happy drinkers and the Bavarian Check Flag on it Learn More
    Code: 198-038
  3. Blonde Heidi Wig with plaits

    Heidi Wig with Plaits Blonde

    Such a cute wig with quite long thick plaits to wear for lots of events but in particular any kind of Alpine dressing up such as Oktoberfest, Heidi, German Girl and so on. Learn More
    Code: 410-334
  4. Novelty Beer Goggle Glasses

    Beer Goggle Glasses

    Have a laugh and take the mickey with these silly novelty specs. Learn More
    Code: 110-046
  5. Medieval Serving Wench

    Value Costume: Serving Wench

    Just the thing to keep them waiting. Learn More
    Code: 191-012
  6. Helana Oktoberfest Costume

    Ladies Adult Helena Oktoberfest Costume

    You will look cute carrying beer in this sweet German Beer Festival Dress. Learn More
    Code: 025-43-P
  7. Beer Stein Hat

    Beer Stein Hat

    Pull me a pint and make sure it has a good head. The perfect beer hat for Oktoberfest. Learn More
    Code: 033-027
  8. Tyrolean Hat

    Tyrolean Green with Feather

    Up on the hill sat a lonely goatherd... Learn More
    Code: 100-392
  9. Oktoberfest Chicken Hat

    Oktoberfest Chicken Hat

    I thought a chicken hat was mad enough and now they are dressing up and drinking beer. Where will it all end? Learn More
    Code: 197-903
  10. Colour Bunting: 10m Giant Pennant - White

    Colour Bunting: 10m Giant Pennant - White

    Giant white pennant bunting on a 10m string. Learn More
    Code: 198-021

Items 1 to 10 of 25 total

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