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SillyJokes has a fantastic range of Easter party supplies and accessories, including Easter decorations and Easter Fancy dress. Whether you are organising a fancy dress party or an elaborate Easter egg hunt, we have all the Easter party accessories you could ever need. Our bunny ears are also excellent for hen night fancy dress.

Browse our range of Easter party supplies and accessories below and buy online from SillyJokes.

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  1. Ears - Hares on Headband

    Ears - Hares on Headband


    Look no further, finally a pair of brown Hare Ears which will help transform you into the Mad March Hare. Learn More
    Code: 410-127
  2. Plush White Bunny Ears on Headband

    Plush Bunny Ears (White)


    Furry bunny ears with silky pink lining. Cute. Learn More
    Code: 100-291
  3. Straw Boater

    Straw Boater Hat


    "I say Old Man, fancy a punt?" Learn More
    Code: 100-130
  4. Rubber Chicken Feet with Velcro back

    Feet Chicken Rubber


    The best part of a chicken. Learn More
    Code: 180-102
  5. White Duck / Goose Mask

    White Duck / Goose Face Mask


    This white duck face mask is good for Jemima Puddle Duck or Goosey Loosey. Learn More
    Code: 030-046
  6. Bunny Ears

    Flock Bunny Ears


    Cute Rabbit Ears. Learn More
    Code: 100-290
  7. Rabbit Nose on Elastic

    Rabbit Nose on Elastic


    Become the white rabbit with this buck toothed rubber rabbit's nose. Learn More
    Code: 410-304
  8. Rubber Chicken Nose on Elastic

    Chicken Nose on Elastic


    "I feel like Chicken Tonight," and now you can be with this elasticated chicken's beak. Learn More
    Code: 410-310
  9. Rubber Duck Feet Covers

    Feet Duck Rubber


    Waddle like a duck. Learn More
    Code: 180-103
  10. Ladies Yellow Nylon Tights

    Ladies Nylon Tights Yellow


    Hard to find yellow tights at a great price ideal for dressing as a banana or bird. Learn More
    Code: 201-402

Items 1 to 10 of 72 total

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