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  1. Crocodile soft toy

    Cuddly Crocodile 60cm FRS43B

    He'll finish off your costume, your lunch and your Pirate Captain too. Learn More
    Code: 121-406
  2. Ball and Chain

    Ball and Chain

    For prisoners and newly-weds. Learn More
    Code: 500-207
  3. Sturdy Dagger

    Dagger Rubber Sturdy

    A Rambo style knife strong enough to slash and stab over and over again but the rubbery blade makes it safe. Learn More
    Code: 203-150
  4. Prop Cutlass

    Prop Cutlass (Plastic)

    Slash your way to a swashbuckling victory with this pirate cutlass. The blade is curved and shiny. Learn More
    Code: 203-000
  5. BANG - Flag Gun

    BANG - Flag Gun

    Classic Gag Gun for High Calibre Humour. Learn More
    Code: 203-133
  6. Pirate Skeleton Key on skull belt loop

    Pirate Skeleton Keys

    A set of mysterious keys to hang from your belt. Do they open a buried treasure chest? Do you have prisoners locked up below decks? Or have you left your sloop parked on a double yellow? Learn More
    Code: 500-396
  7. Pirate Musket/Pistol

    Pirate Musket/Pistol

    You can use this antique looking pirate musket as a pirate accessory but if you are into Steam Punk you could easily add it into your costume. Learn More
    Code: 203-118
  8. Skeleton Trident

    Large Skeleton Hand Trident 65cm

    Skeleton Arm Halloween Trident Learn More
    Code: 140-061
  9. Pirate Telescope

    Plastic Pirate Telescope Expandable

    Look the part as a pirate by snapping open this fun telescope to check out the other ships. Learn More
    Code: 121-311
  10. Inflatable Parrot

    Inflatable Parrot (Small) 46cm

    Blow up Polly. Learn More
    Code: 090-054

Items 1 to 10 of 18 total

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