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  1. Two Boils

    Boils (2)

    Twin peaks of pustular perfection. Learn More
    Code: 400-801
  2. Sailor Themed Tattoo Transfer Set

    Sailor Themed Tattoo Transfers

    Finish of your sailor costume with a well chosen tattoo to make you salty. Learn More
    Code: 402-515
  3. Scab Tattoo

    Tattoo: Scab

    Ooh, don't pick it. Learn More
    Code: 402-047
  4. Two Warts

    Warts (2) Carded

    Ideal for witches. Learn More
    Code: 400-800
  5. Fake Skin Latex

    Liquid Latex Fake Skin

    Creates skin effects from warts to peeling skin. Learn More
    Code: 400-057
  6. FX Wax

    Snazaroo FX Wax 18ml

    Use to create wounds, bullet holes and other gory skin effects. Small tub. Learn More
    Code: 400-034
  7. Kit includes skull teeth, beaded brades, make up and sponges

    The Pirates Curse Makeup Kit

    Clip the braids into your hair or wig then give yourself some stubble, a few scars and a moustache before finally slipping in the gnarly skull teeth. Presto, you're a pirate. Learn More
    Code: 400-049
  8. Realistic Pirate scar makeup

    FX Transfers Arrrrrrgh Pirate Scars

    Pirate scars to complete your fancy dress costume. This special effect make up gives a raised 3d effect to your scars making them quite realistic. Learn More
    Code: 402-023
  9. Tattoo: Pirate Pin Up Girl

    Tattoo: Pirate Pin Up Girl

    Get yourself a terrific temporary tattoo, perfect pin-up for pirates. Learn More
    Code: 402-031
  10. Blood Drip Tattoo

    Tattoo: Blood Drip

    Use on their own or combine with other wound effects. Learn More
    Code: 402-046

Items 1 to 10 of 19 total

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