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SillyJokes has a number of circus costumes to choose from, including a superb range of clown costumes for men, women and children. We also offer ringmaster outfits, jungle man outfits and a wide range of sinister circus costumes ideal for Halloween costumes.

Browse our selection of circus costumes below and buy online today.

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  1. Childs Red/White Striped Top

    Childs Red/White Striped Top

    Child sized red and white striped top to help you dress as a pirate or a hide and seek book character. Learn More
    Code: 194-72-P
  2. Cirkus Klown Costume with Mask

    Mens Costume: Cirkus Klown Costume w Mask

    Create a surreal and evil circus with this terrifying Scary Clown costume. Learn More
    Code: 195-662
  3. Childs Colourful Clown Costume

    Colourful Clown

    Kids love playing the clown and now they can in this colourful circus costume. Learn More
    Code: 196-26-P
  4. Ladies Red Tailcoat

    Ladies Red Tailcoat

    Be the Circus Ringmaster and keep those clowns in order. Learn More
    Code: 201-32-P
  5. Spotty Clown Jumpsuit

    Spotted Clown Jumpsuit

    The circus is coming to town and all the world loves a clown. Learn More
    Code: 193-26-P
  6. Clown Lady Costume

    Clown Lady - Yellow Polkadot

    Quirky, funny, maybe a little bit ditzy? This is the perfect costume for your personality. Learn More
    Code: 197-30-P
  7. Adult Black/White Striped Costume Shirt

    Adult Striped Shirt - Black/White (narrow stripe)

    Hugely versatile black and white striped top. So many uses. So far we have thought of Pirate, Mime Artist, Thief and Frenchman. Learn More
    Code: 197-337
  8. Adult Striped Shirt - Red/White (wide stripe)

    Adult Striped Shirt - Red/White (wide stripe)

    Red and white striped shirt which can be used for a variety of fancy dress themes like Wally, pirates or gondoliers. Learn More
    Code: 194-630
  9. Mens Maniacal Mime Costume

    Mens Costume: Maniacal Mime

    French Mime artists are deeply disturbing and this Maniacal Mime costume embodies all the things we find scary about them. Learn More
    Code: 190-607
  10. Adult Costume: White Polkadot Clown Lady

    Adult Costume: White Polkadot Clown Lady

    Cute and ditzy costume with lots of fun clown detail. Learn More
    Code: 190-613

Items 1 to 10 of 32 total

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