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Chavs and Townies

SillyJokes has a number of chav fancy dress accessories and props to choose from, including everything from face masks and bling bling to full chav fancy dress costumes. Can't find what you're looking for in our chav fancy dress section? Try our blues fancy dress section or our movie stars fancy dress section for more inspiration.

Browse our chav fancy dress selection below and buy online today.

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  1. Latex Female Face Mask

    Latex Female Face

    The kind of surreal effect Slipknot would kill for. Learn More
    Code: 031-090
  2. Dirty Face Soap

    Dirty Face Soap

    Looks white, washes dirty. Learn More
    Code: 121-005
  3. Theatrical Cigarettes

    Fake Lit Cigarettes

    Take up smoking the safe way. Over 18s only Learn More
    Code: 121-045
  4. Itching Powder

    Itching Powder

    Bless my soul whats wrong with me? I'm itching like a man on a fuzzy tree. Learn More
    Code: 121-065
  5. Exhaust Whistle

    Exhaust Whistle

    I don't like the sound of your engine. Have you had it serviced lately? Learn More
    Code: 121-035
  6. Heavy Gold Chain Necklace

    Heavy Gold Chain Necklace

    Wear this gold chain on it's own or wear lots together to create even more over the top bling. Learn More
    Code: 110-177
  7. Metal Handcuffs

    Handcuffs with Key Metal

    Slap on the cuffs and lead the suspect away. Learn More
    Code: 100-120
  8. Jewelled Dollar Medallion

    Jewelled Dollar Medallion

    This Dollar sign necklace will dazzle with it's sparkly jewelled surface. Learn More
    Code: 110-175
  9. Chunky Gold Bracelet

    Chunky Gold Chain Gangster Bracelet

    Wear this gold chain on your wrist for blinged-up fancy dress . Learn More
    Code: 790-347
  10. Inflatable boom box

    Inflatable Boom Box 44cm x 38cm

    In the 1980s the bigger your boom box the better and the more knobs and bits on it the better. Learn More
    Code: 301-010

Items 1 to 10 of 21 total

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