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Armed Forces

SillyJokes has a wide selection of armed forces fancy dress costumes, including sailor costumes, soldier costumes and even freedom fighter costumes. We have armed forces fancy dress for men women and kids as well as a wide range of accessories including replicas uzis, realistic tattoo transfers and more. For more fancy dress ideas, try our patriotic theme fancy dress section or our historic fancy dress section.

Browse our armed forces fancy dress section below or refine using the filters in the left hand menu and buy online today.

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  1. Black Combat Helmet with Goggles

    Black Combat Helmet with Goggles

    This leathery helmet has goggles and reminded me of fantasy films, steam punk dress and the best festival days ever. Learn More
    Code: 100-356
  2. Jet Pilot Helmet showing clear visor

    Jet Pilot Helmet

    Fancy Dress Fighter Pilot Helmet with Dual Visor. Learn More
    Code: 197-913
  3. Sailor Themed Tattoo Transfer Set

    Sailor Themed Tattoo Transfers

    Finish of your sailor costume with a well chosen tattoo to make you salty. Learn More
    Code: 402-515
  4. Adult Camouflage Cap

    Adult Camouflage Cap

    Camouflage Cap for army fancy dress. Learn More
    Code: 329-028
  5. wing commander fake moustache

    Wing Commander Moustache

    Give yourself the air of command. Learn More
    Code: 021-103
  6. Red Felt Beret

    Red Felt Beret

    This jaunty red felt French beret will give you a certain je ne c'est pas.

    Learn More
    Code: 030-224
  7. Captain Joyce Hat

    Captain Joyce Naval Hat

    This blue and white Captain's Hat has plenty of gold braid is looks Ship-shape and Bristol Fashion Learn More
    Code: 197-875
  8. Ladies Face Tattoo

    Tattoo: Forces Sweetheart

    A 1940s face. Learn More
    Code: 402-058
  9. Death Before Dishonour

    Tattoo: Death before Dishonour

    Your attitude to life. Learn More
    Code: 402-066
  10. Nautical Beard Black

    Nautical Beard

    Avast behind, ye land lubbers. Look out it's the Captain! Learn More
    Code: 021-03-P

Items 11 to 20 of 32 total

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