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SillyJokes' Hollywood costume accessories include everything from western gunman ponchos and SAW jigsaw puppets to Austin Power's teeth and Hannibal masks. Our accessories add the final touch to your Hollywood fancy dress costumes. For more ideas, try our fancy dress accessories section.

Buy Hollywood costume accessories online today from SillyJokes.

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  1. Hairy Rubber Feet

    Hairy Rubber Feet

    These fancy dress hairy feet are essential for any fantasy fellowship Learn More
    Code: 500-411
  2. Shark Hat

    Shark Hat

    "Help, I have a shark biting on my head,". That's what you'll be saying when you wear this Shark Hat. Learn More
    Code: 195-683
  3. Groovy Powers Teeth

    Billy-Bob Teeth (Groovy Powers)

    'I won't bite... Hard' Learn More
    Code: 010-004
  4. Secure Smile / Instant Smile Teeth

    Billy-Bob Teeth Instant Secure Smile Teeth

    Give yourself straight clean teeth for the night with these temporary life like veneers. Learn More
    Code: 010-13-P
  5. Pink Cheshire Cat Mask - Rubber (mouth free)

    Mask - Rubber Cheshire Cat Pink (Mouth Free)

    A pink and purple Cheshire Cat half mask made of rubber. Learn More
    Code: 031-119
  6. Mad Hatter with Orange Hair

    Mad Hatter with Orange Hair

    Crazy Mad Hatter's Hat with hair, band and feather. Learn More
    Code: 022-071
  7. Brown Felt Explorer Hat

    Brown Felt Explorer Hat

    Never, ever, ever leave your hat behind again. Learn More
    Code: 030-221
  8. Latin Lady Fruit Hat

    Latin Lady Fruit Headscarf Hat


    Colourful, elasticated headscarf decorated with plump juicy (plastic) fruit.

    Learn More
    Code: 329-041
  9. Head Mask - Rubber Pig Head

    Head Mask - Rubber Pig Head

    These great value overhead pig masks are always in demand. If it isn't for fairy tales like the Three Little Pigs it's Swine Flu or horror films. Learn More
    Code: 032-727
  10. Dunce Cap

    Dunce Hat or Cap

    White Conical Dunce Cap Learn More
    Code: 329-044

Items 1 to 10 of 55 total

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