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Womens Costumes

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  1. Egyptian Collar

    Egyptian Collar

    Tie this ornate Ancient Egyptian Collar around your neck to transform yourself into Queen Cleopatra or perhaps a high ranking Egyptian Priest. Learn More
    Code: 110-162
  2. Ball and Chain

    Ball and Chain

    For prisoners and newly-weds. Learn More
    Code: 500-207
  3. Egyptian Belt

    Egyptian Belt

    Wrap this ornate Ancient Egyptian belt around your waist to transform your costume into that of Cleopatra or one of her high ranking priests. Learn More
    Code: 110-164
  4. Adults Roman Wrist Cuff (Single)

    Adults Roman Wrist Cuff (Single)

    Ornate Roman wrist band for ladies and gentlemen. Learn More
    Code: 500-407
  5. Gladiator Face Mask

    Gladiator Face Mask

    My name is Maximus Decimus Meridius.... Learn More
    Code: 031-157
  6. Medusa Snake Headband

    Medusa 3 Snakes on a Headband

    This headband has three bendy snakes. Learn More
    Code: 025-112
  7. Roman Short Sword and Sheath

    Roman Short Sword with Sheath

    Complete your Roman costume with this sword and scabbard. Learn More
    Code: 203-154
  8. Genie Lamp

    Aladdins Lamp

    No wishing for more wishes. Learn More
    Code: 500-240
  9. Bone Jewellery Set

    Bone Jewellery - Necklace, Bracelet, Earrings

    Cavemen liked dressing up as much as the next man and this bone jewellery set would have been much prized. Learn More
    Code: 110-161
  10. Medusa Headband

    Medusa Snakes on a Headband

    This dramatic headband gives you a corona of golden snakes across your head in imitation of this famously evil Goddess. Learn More
    Code: 121-323

Items 1 to 10 of 23 total

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