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Kids' Costumes

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  1. Nativity Shepherd - White Gown and Headpiece

    Shepherd White


    Get your shepherd ready to watch the flocks this nativity. Learn More
    Code: 195-82-P
  2. Childs Lamb Costume

    Childs Lamb Costume


    Hey, tell Little Bo Peep, I've found her sheep. Mary had taken it to school accidentally. Learn More
    Code: 410-59-P
  3. Reindeer Jumpsuit

    Reindeer Jumpsuit


    A cute reindeer costume which could be used for a variety of animals after Christmas. Learn More
    Code: 197-70-P
  4. Value Robin Hood

    Robin Hood Costume


    Robin Hood, Woodland Elf or Peter Pan, this is one green and versatile costume. Learn More
    Code: 191-19-P
  5. Childs Shepherd Costume

    Childs Shepherd Costume


    Childrens Nativity Shepherd Costume also for Joseph or Inn Keeper Learn More
    Code: 194-96-P
  6. Lamb Animal Set with Sound

    Lamb Animal Set with Sound


    Be one of Bo Peep's sheep in this cute lamb set which includes bow tie and tail as well as ears, nose and sound. Learn More
    Code: 410-367
  7. Child's sheep costume

    Child's Sheep Costume


    This child's sheep costume is absolutely adorable and comes in 2 sizes for both boys and girls Learn More
    Code: 410-66-P
  8. White Hooded Tabard

    White Hooded Tabard


    White hooded fleece tabard, use to create your own exclusive fancy dress. Snowflakes, clouds, white mice could are just a few ideas to be created from these. Learn More
    Code: 195-90-P
  9. Childs Costume: Mary with Headpiece

    Childs Costume: Mary with Headpiece


    This simple virgin blue tabard with white headdress reflects the purity of Mary as she travels to Bethlehem. Learn More
    Code: 197-801
  10. King Balthazar - Wise Man Nativity Costume

    Balthazar - Wise Man


    They travelled afar, following a star. The Three Wise Men can't be left out of the Nativity. These sumptuous looking costumes make it clear which characters they are. Learn More
    Code: 195-84-P

Items 1 to 10 of 29 total

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