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Native American

Our Indian fancy dress costumes include classic props such as tomahawks, feathered headbands and, of course, 'arrow through the head' headbands. Indian fancy dress can be used for a number of occasions, including stag do fancy dress or hen night fancy dress or even as part of a Village People fancy dress party.

Browse our range of Indian fancy dress below and buy online today from SillyJokes.

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  1. Indian Headdress with 10 colourful feathers

    Indian Head Dress 10 Feathers


    Meet "Runs in the Garden Whooping". Learn More
    Code: 100-345
  2. Indian Bow and Arrow

    Indian Bow and Arrow


    Native American Bow and Arrow prop. Learn More
    Code: 203-177
  3. Indian Headband with Feathers

    Indian Headband Two Feathers


    Perform your own War Dance. Learn More
    Code: 100-330
  4. Inflatable cactus in pot 86cm high

    Inflatable Cactus in Pot 86cm


    The most ironic inflatable ever. An inflatable cactus wouldn't last a moment in a field of real cacti. Learn More
    Code: 302-178
  5. Indian Tomahawk Weapon

    Indian Tomahawk Weapon


    Decorated tomahawk prop for Native American fancy dress. Learn More
    Code: 203-171
  6. Sitting Bull Indian Chiefs Headdress

    Indian Head Dress Sitting Bull


    You are the Chief in this impressive headdress. Learn More
    Code: 100-340
  7. Sturdy Dagger

    Dagger Rubber Sturdy


    A Rambo style knife strong enough to slash and stab over and over again but the rubbery blade makes it safe. Learn More
    Code: 203-150
  8. Value Indian Woman Costume

    Value Costume: Indian Woman (Adult)


    One piece American Indian style dress. Learn More
    Code: 192-277
  9. Mens Native American Warrior Costume

    Mens Costume: Native American Warrior


    Staying in a tipi? You'll want to dress the part. Learn More
    Code: 196-340
  10. Bald Eagle Cuddly Toy

    Bald Eagle Cuddly 25cm


    You'll be surprised just how soft an cuddly this majestic bald eagle toy is. Learn More
    Code: 699-235

Items 1 to 10 of 26 total

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