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Hawaiian Costumes

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  1. Hawaiian Torist Shirt

    Value Costume: Tourist Hawaiian Shirt Man (Adult)

    Wear this outrageous print shirt to the beach party and win the loudest shirt prize. Learn More
    Code: 192-273
  2. Adult Hula Skirt (Multi-Colour)

    Adult Hula Skirt (Multi-Colour)

    Best selling mulit coloured hula skirt for all kinds of tropical beach party dressing up or carnival fun. Learn More
    Code: 100-216
  3. Foam Hawaiian Bra with Flowers

    Foam Coconut Bra with Flowers

    Great Hawaiian Accessory for Summer Parties and Chilling by the pool waiting for the BBQ Learn More
    Code: 100-271
  4. Hot PInk Hula Skirt

    Adult Hula Skirt (Hot Pink)

    This bright pink hula skirt is just the thing to get the Summer beach party going with a swing. Learn More
    Code: 100-218
  5. Hawaiian Beauty Costume

    Value Costume: Tourist Hawaiian Beauty (Adult)

    Dance in the island breeze, sipping fruit juice from a coconut. Learn More
    Code: 192-274
  6. Comical 'Shark Bite' Costume

    Animal Costume: Shark Bite

    This man in a shark's mouth costume is a fun way to arrive at the beach party and it'll guarantee you get the pool to yourself. Learn More
    Code: 196-348
  7. Child Size Hula Skirt

    Childs Flowered Hula Skirt (Multi-Colour)

    A pretty little hula skirt with flowers at the waist so you can dance on the beach beside the waves. Learn More
    Code: 100-215

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