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Rubber Chicken Poulet

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Here's a lovely rubber chicken. I won't lie, it's a bit smaller than our last one being 40cm instead of 50cm from comb to claw. That being said it's a lot cheaper whilst maintaining the same very high standard you come to expect from a SillyJokes rubber chicken.

It still has an artisans attention to detail in the hand finished eyes, beak and toes.  It's hollow and contiues to wheeze squeakily when you squeeze it.  It can be scrunched up quite small but that doesn't mean it's pocket sized.  Oh no, I think its body is probably about the size of a large parrot or poussin.  I mean you get plenty of plucked chicken for your pound and no mistake.

I'm not sure why people sell these as dog toys.  Any dog worth it's salt could chew this into dangerous choking hazards in no time but if your dog just likes to play catch with a rubber chicken, it would probably be ok. 

With the rubber chicken being the symbol of comedy alongside the Groucho Nose and Specs you'll probably want to make sure you have one about your person at all times and this conveniently sized version is large enough to demonstrate your intentions without frightening the horses.

If you are wondering if I've been around rubber chickens too long it is true that I have always resisted the very cheap bright yellow 'copies' widely available like so many Chinese Ugg Boots on the internet.  Ours comes direct from Spain in the EU where a family firm has been making them for longer than I can pronounce in Spanish.  They have a texture, colour, expression and texture than is unmatched.

  • Single rubber chicken
  • 40cm from comb to toe
  • Hollow with wheezy squeak

Rubber Chicken Poulet

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