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If you love practical jokes you are going to enjoy paging through all the jokes we sell in one place. Change the number of items per page to 25 and off you go. There are hundreds in the range from surprisers, through fakes and into joke shop favourites to buy. If you are new to practical jokes you'll get the idea of what we stock and for some it will be a journey down memory lane. All time best sellers and smoke and stink bombs and recently the fake cigarettes have become popular for theatres where smoking is not allowed but required for the play.

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  1. Zombie Parts - Leg Sleeve and Arm Sleeve

    Zombie Parts, 2 pieces


    Zombie Sleeve and Leg Cover Learn More
    Code: 024-495
  2. Tie-on Zombie Guts - sold singly

    Tie-On Zombie Guts (1 of Assortment)


    Tie On Zombie Guts, two assorted designs - one sent at random Learn More
    Code: 024-497
  3. 28cm Skeleton Raven

    Skeleton Raven 28cm


    28cm Life sized skeletal Raven Halloween Decoration with a head you can swivel and beak that opens. Learn More
    Code: 024-449
  4. Jeweled Cigarette Holder

    Jeweled Cigarette Holder


    Prop Cigarette Holder crusted with jewels for Roaring 20's and Gangster fancy dress Learn More
    Code: 500-259
  5. Remote Controlled Fart Machine

    Remote Controlled Fart Machine


    YOU place the machine near your victim, but when the 15 different Cockney cheers start to roll YOU are in another room operating the control and collecting the laughs. Learn More
    Code: 080-001
  6. Pop Out Eye Glasses

    Pop Out Eye Glasses


    Your eyes are on springs Learn More
    Code: 111-000
  7. Face Mats by Paladone

    20 Face Mats with 40 Faces


    Take some memorable silly selfies with this set of 40 funny lower faces. Learn More
    Code: 500-281
  8. Sticky Poo

    Sticky Poo


    Wonderfully icky sticky fake poo, cold and clammy to the touch. Learn More
    Code: 120-171
  9. Emoji Heart Eyes In Love

    Emoji Props - Heart Eyes


    How much do you love the photobooth? This emoji shows you are completely loved up Learn More
    Code: 013-353
  10. Stink Bombs

    Stink Bombs (3 per box)


    Don't leave home without them. Learn More
    Code: 121-105

Items 1 to 10 of 230 total

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