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SillyJokes offers all the classic joke shop props you would expect, including staples such as rubber chickens, jumping beans and chattering teeth. SillyJokes understands that some joke props will always be popular and so we promise to have a wide selection of joke shop favourites in stock year round. For a wider selection of less well known props why not try our fakes section or our surprisers section?

Browse our range of joke shop favourites below and buy online.

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  1. Floss Your Brain

    Floss Your Brain


    Floss Your Brain Classic Joke and visual gag. Learn More
    Code: 121-131
  2. Pop Out Eye Glasses

    Pop Out Eye Glasses


    Your eyes are on springs Learn More
    Code: 111-000
  3. Fun Snaps

    Fun Snaps


    The most fun you can have with a bang. Learn More
    Code: 121-055
  4. Stink Bombs

    Stink Bombs (3 per box)


    Don't leave home without them. Learn More
    Code: 121-105
  5. Top 10 Jokes Gift Bag

    Top 10 Gift Bag


    Get our top ten practical jokes all in a glossy gift bag with coloured tissue ready to give the lucky recipient. Learn More
    Code: 123-900
  6. Tartan Paint

    Tartan Paint Tin 1l (Royal Stewart)


    Tartan paint tin, supplied empty for you to fool your friends. Learn More
    Code: 121-300
  7. Smoke Bombs

    Smoke Bombs


    Gives off thick white smoke for about 20 seconds per pellet. Learn More
    Code: 121-240
  8. Smoke Bombs (2 Red Pellets)

    Smoke Bombs (2 Red Pellets)


    Large red smoke bombs produce clouds of red smoke, of course. Learn More
    Code: 121-243
  9. Face Mats by Paladone

    20 Face Mats with 40 Faces


    Take some memorable silly selfies with this set of 40 funny lower faces. Learn More
    Code: 500-281
  10. Metal Hand Buzzer

    Metal Hand Buzzer


    Let me shake you by the hand. Learn More
    Code: 120-166

Items 1 to 10 of 23 total

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