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SillyJokes has a range of practical joke gadgets to choose from, including a Spinning Bow-Tie and the all time favourite Remote Controlled Fart Machine. We also have classic joke gadgets such as the Safari Sound Bites. Our joke gadgets are perfect for getting one over on work colleagues or school mates, but can be just as effective at home. For more practical joke ideas, try our dirty tricks section.

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  1. Remote Controlled Fart Machine

    Remote Controlled Fart Machine

    YOU place the machine near your victim, but when the 15 different Cockney cheers start to roll YOU are in another room operating the control and collecting the laughs. Learn More
    Code: 080-001
  2. Spinning Bow Tie

    Spinning Bow Tie

    A spinning bow tie. A SPINNING BOW TIE. My life is complete. Learn More
    Code: 020-071
  3. Farty Pants Sound Machine

    Farty Pants Sound Machine


    Farty Pants. Pocket sized, Fart Sound Machine key-ring.

    Learn More
    Code: 090-089
  4. Safari Sounds

    Sound Bites - Safari Sounds

    Release your inner beast, grunt like a gorilla or squawk like a parrot at the push of a button. Learn More
    Code: 090-090
  5. Hanging Spinning Motor

    Gruesome Horror - Hanging Spinning Motor

    Take any Halloween decoration, home made or otherwise, up to 3kg in weight, and this sound activated motor will rotate it and make scary sounds. Learn More
    Code: 024-258

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