Do you need something silly?


SillyJokes has a fantastic range of fake spiders, fake snakes, fake insects and other fake critters to scare you friends, family or workmates.

Our products include Squeaky Rats, Rubber Toad and even a Bag of Worms. Our fake critters are suitable for a number of occasions, especially as a compliment to Halloween costumes.

Also, have a look at our range of adorable Soft Cuddly Animals.

Choose from our wide range of fake snakes, spiders, insects and other creepy crawlies below and buy online today.

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  1. Six small fake flies

    Flies 6 per card

    Shoo fly, don't bother me! Learn More
    Code: 121-217
  2. Large Rubber Python

    Rubber Snake - Large Python

    Life sized rubber python to wear or to decorate your venue. Learn More
    Code: 120-043
  3. Large Rubber Cobra

    Rubber Snake - Large Cobra

    This large rubber cobra snake has a raised hood and looks ready to strike. Learn More
    Code: 120-044
  4. Stretchable Rubber Lizard (9cm)

    Stretchable Rubber Lizard 9cm (1 of Asst)

    Colourful stretchy lizards for loot bags, party decorations, Halloween treats and more. Learn More
    Code: 010-629
  5. Fly in Ice Cube

    Fly in Ice Cube

    Breaks the ice at parties. An all time classic. Learn More
    Code: 121-190
  6. Fake Mouse

    Fake Mouse

    "I saw a mouse!"
    "Where? Over there," Learn More
    Code: 121-229
  7. Fake PVC Snake Coiled (1 of Asst)

    Fake PVC Snake Coiled (1 of Asst)

    This coiled snake rests up and makes a good decoration for a jungle party. Learn More
    Code: 121-278
  8. Plastic Insects - Sold Singly

    Plastic Natural Colour Insect (Single)

    Get a creepy crawly from this wide assortment of mini beasts. Learn More
    Code: 010-611
  9. Scary Spiders (PK8)

    Scary Spiders (PK8)

    Pack of 8 spiders ideal for decoration or as spooky favours. Learn More
    Code: 121-197
  10. Life Sized Halloween Black Cat Flashign Eyes and Meows

    30cm Meowing Cat Light Up Eyes 30cm x 22cm plus tail

    This black cat meows ferociously and flashes her red eyes Learn More
    Code: 025-109

Items 1 to 10 of 51 total

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