Do you need something silly?


SillyJokes offers some of the most realistic joke fakes you will ever see.

Our range of fake jokes includes fake poo, fake critters, fake food and much more. Joke fakes are ideal for use as party decorations, but can also be clever accessories to go with fancy dress costumes.

Browse our joke fakes selection using the menu options below and buy online today.

Realistic fake poo for playing practical jokes

Fake Poo

Looks like poo but doesn't smell.

Removable Car Stickers

Bullet Holes

Removable Car Stickers. Incredibly realistic visual pranks for cars, fridges, lunch boxes. Great for Gangster or Cowboy parties.


Fake creepy crawlies


Insects, rodents, snakes, rats, bats and other creepy crawlies.

Collection of Fake Body Parts

Body Parts

A collection of body bits.


Rubber biscuits

Fake Biscuits

Bakers get their revenge with these fake biscuits.


Fake Food

For the perfect fake fry-up.



Other Fakes

Assorted fakes with fun features.


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