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Hanging Figures

Halloween decoration figures to hang from the ceiling or outside from trees or doorways. Hanging figures are free to move in the breeze. Witches on broomsticks, ghosts, zombies and figures of death feature highly but we also have some big bats, cages and severed heads. Some items are scarier than others so it's always worth thinking about who will be visiting your house. You don't want to traumatise some but you definitely want to freak out others.

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  1. Animated Reaper, MovingWings nad Head, Light Up eyes and Voice

    Gruesome Horror - 2m Hanging Reaper Animated Wings and Flashing Eyes


    "Who disturbs my graveyard? - come and meet your doom." He moves his head and wings, talks and his eyes light up. Learn More
    Code: 024-482
  2. 160cm Hanging Skeleton

    Skeleton 160cm Prop


    Adult sized realistic looking plastic skeleton. ONLY FOR MAINLAND UK DELIVERY Learn More
    Code: 024-379
  3. SAW - Jigsaw Puppet Hanging Head

    SAW - Jigsaw Puppet Hanging Head


    SAW fans will love this exclusive Billy the Puppet head to hang in their rooms or to decorate a Halloween party. Learn More
    Code: 025-305
  4. 46cm Hanging Grim Reaper - 1 of Assortment

    Gruesome Horror - 46cm Hanging Grim Reaper


    Dress your venue with one or more of these assorted hanging decorations to create a creepy atmosphere to send shivers down the spine of your guests. Learn More
    Code: 025-056
  5. Hanging Mangled Corpse Asst.

    Gruesome Horror - One Manacled Skeleton Corpse


    Chained ghosts who haunt your house. They can hover in the hallway or lurk in the library.

    Learn More
    Code: 024-017
  6. Gruesome Horror - 1.4m Hanging Clown (B-O)

    Gruesome Horror - 1.4m Hanging Clown (B-O)


    Scared of clowns? This hanging Halloween clown decoration isn't going change that! It's eyes light up and it laughs in an evil way. Learn More
    Code: 024-097
  7. Gruesome Horror - Hanging Skull with Moving Eyes

    Gruesome Horror - Hanging Skull with Moving Eyes


    Hang up this skull and he will greet your guests with scary sounds and his eye balls moving left and right. Learn More
    Code: 024-098
  8. Hanging nummy 160cm

    Large Hanging Mummy


    This scary looking Halloween decoration will have your friends wondering where you keep a gigantic spider capable of rolling a person up in web. Learn More
    Code: 024-102
  9. Hanging Cocoon Man with Light and Sound

    Gruesome Horror - 1.5m Hanging Cocoon Man (B-O)


    We're really pleased to bring you this very popular Halloween decoration now with sound activated moving eyes and sound. Learn More
    Code: 024-139
  10. Cigar Smoking Skull - Light Up

    Gruesome Horror - Cigar Smoking Skull (Battery Op)


    Here's a chilling character. Chilled out that is with his glowing eyes and cigar. Learn More
    Code: 024-188

Items 1 to 10 of 45 total

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