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Free Standing

These Halloween decorations are free standing which means they don't need a ceiling or wall to hang from. They may need electricity although many are battery operated or don't move. They are often a good way to greet guests at your event. There are figures of Death and Witches and they usually have a stand which requires a little putting together, but not too much.

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  1. Skeleton Dog in standing pose

    Skeleton Dog 45cm


    Life sized skeletal dog with moving jaw and legs. Learn More
    Code: 024-444
  2. Life Sized Zombie Cat Prop

    Boney Cat 30cm x 22cm plus tail


    This zombie cat refuses to die at Halloween and appears with her ribs showing. Learn More
    Code: 024-472
  3. Zombie Garden gnome. You heard.

    Zombie Garden Gnome


    Zombie garden gnome for Halloween decoration. It's a demented garden ornament. Learn More
    Code: 024-103
  4. Female Zombie Garden Gnome

    Female Zombie Garden Gnome


    Female Zombie garden gnome for Halloween decoration. It's a collection of demented garden ornaments. Learn More
    Code: 024-106
  5. Standing Speaking Reaper

    Gruesome Horror - 1.6m Standing Speaking Reaper


    Let this large free standing figure of Death greet your guests. He talks and his mouth moves in synch. Learn More
    Code: 024-245
  6. Animated Ground Breaker, sold singly

    Gruesome Horror - Animated Ground Breaker


    This character looks like he has just sat up from his grave. When he hears sound his arms and head move, he wails and his eyes glow red. Learn More
    Code: 024-261
  7. Arm stakes for the garden

    Vampire Arms Lawn Stakes


    Make it look as if your house is set in an evil cemetery where vampires break out of their graves using these vampire arm stakes. Learn More
    Code: 024-282
  8. Clawing Corpse

    Large Scary Clawing Corpse Animated Figure


    Bring your cemetery back to life with this corpse that has been reanimated and comes clawing after your guests. Learn More
    Code: 024-285
  9. Help Me! Zombie Arm lawn sign

    Zombie Arm Lawn Sign


    The living dead are pushing up through the Lawn, this one needs a little help. Learn More
    Code: 024-289
  10. 1.2m Ground Breaker

    Gruesome Horror - 1.2m Battery Operated Ground Breaker


    This ground breaker moves and makes noise as well as having red flashing eyes.  Give your guests a surprise in the graveyard Learn More
    Code: 024-388

Items 1 to 10 of 24 total

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