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Halloween decoration props for sale. Cauldrons, creatures, bodies and body bags and all manner of items to dress your venue and turn it into a spooky venue. Details like dusty looking sheets, creepy table cloths and lanterns make for a more effective event. There are lots of lights, both indoors and out so your event will look good at night. With lots of spooky attractions as our clients like Alton Towers and Madam Tussauds you know your decorations are going to be hit with your guests.

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  1. New Look Barbed-Wire 30m

    Gruesome Horror - New Look Barbed Wire 30m


    Looks like you've just taken it off the roll, but it won't scratch.

    Learn More
    Code: 024-055
  2. 6ft Jumbo Chain Link (Plastic)

    6ft Jumbo Chain Link (Plastic)


    There's a lot of reasons you might want to chain someone up. Learn More
    Code: 024-095
  3. Haunted Sound FX Box

    Haunted Horror Sound FX Box


    Give your Halloween party or attraction an atmospheric tension bed. Learn More
    Code: 090-091
  4. Rubber Squeezy Heart

    Squeezy Life Like Heart 17cm


    Looks real and is about life sized too. Learn More
    Code: 140-063
  5. Black Fabric Tablecloth with Skulls

    Gruesome Horror - Black Tablecloth with Skulls


    Dress your gothic Halloween event with a skull table cloth, either grey with black skulls or black with grey skulls. Learn More
    Code: 025-080
  6. Fog Machine Unit with 1 Litre of Fog Fluid

    Gruesome Horror - Fog Machine Unit with 1lt Fluid


    Give any event a cloud of smoky fog. Learn More
    Code: 024-087
  7. Lifesized Stuffed Dummy

    Halloween Horror - Life Sized Posable Stuffed Dummy


    Need a body in a hurry? This life sized stuffed dummy has dozens of uses. Learn More
    Code: 025-116
  8. Body Bag

    Body Bag - County Coroner


    This life sized body bag will give your guests a total shock at Halloween. Learn More
    Code: 025-105
  9. Bloody Body Bag with Inflatable Body

    Bloody Body Bag with Blow-Up Body


    Sinister Halloween Decoration 6ft Bloody Body Bag with 5ft inflatable body to put inside Learn More
    Code: 024-483
  10. Pile of Skulls with Light Up Eyes

    Gruesome Horror Pile of Skulls with Light Up Eyes 33cm


    Make any corner of your room look more gothic, more creepy and more haunted. Learn More
    Code: 024-410

Items 1 to 10 of 57 total

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