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Find your Halloween creatures to buy here. We have rat, spiders, crows, cats, bats, snakes and more for sale. Enough creepy critters to give all your guests a fright. They can be part of a display, a table centre piece or a detail in your bathroom, behind the door. Sometimes people use them to make up part of their costume. Halloween decoration just keeps getting bigger and bigger and items like this can be brought out every year just like the Christmas decorations in your loft.

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  1. Skeleton Dog in standing pose

    Skeleton Dog 45cm

    Life sized skeletal dog with moving jaw and legs. Learn More
    Code: 024-444
  2. Life Sized Halloween Black Cat Flashign Eyes and Meows

    30cm Meowing Cat Light Up Eyes 30cm x 22cm plus tail

    This black cat meows ferociously and flashes her red eyes Learn More
    Code: 025-109
  3. 2m Giant Hanging Bat - Battery Operated Eyes & Sound

    Gruesome Horror - 2m Giant Hanging Bat (B/O)

    This giant bat decoration has a classic spooky howl and scream sound effect. His eyes flash too. Learn More
    Code: 025-043
  4. Natural Bat

    Gruesome Horror - Natural Spooky Bat (1 of Asst)

    Give your venue some vampire bats with these hanging bat decorations in naturally muted and creepy colours. Learn More
    Code: 024-063
  5. 20 fake earthworms

    20 Wiggly Earthworms

    What could be nicer than a whole handful of wiggly squishy stretchy worms?  All you early birds can get your beaks on 20 of these gorgeous creepy crawlies and use them for pranks on Halloween Learn More
    Code: 121-182
  6. Fluffy Spider Web with Spider

    46cm Fluffy Spider Web (1 from Assortment)

    This spider has made a lovely fluffy web. You couldn't be too scared of a spider like that. Learn More
    Code: 024-084
  7. RubberBlack Cat

    Rubber Cat Decoration Life Sized

    His green eyes will stare at your guests with malevolence. Learn More
    Code: 120-100
  8. 3m Web with Posable Spider

    Gruesome Horror - Giant Web with Poseable Spider

    You could almost catch kids in this massive cord web. It comes complete with a big spider. Learn More
    Code: 024-083
  9. Black legged Raven 20cm

    Raven 20cm

    Give your event a touch of Edgar Allen Poe (with black legs) Learn More
    Code: 024-286
  10. Window Walking Spider

    Window Walking Spider 10cm

    Watch this big spider make his way down your window and give your friends and family a surprise. Learn More
    Code: 024-436

Items 1 to 10 of 42 total

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