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Scene Setters and Wall Decs

SillyJokes has a large choice of Halloween Wall Decorations, from 50ft Room Setters designed to cover large areas of wall, to the ever popular Scene Setter Halloween Posters that will provide plenty of talking points at your party. All you need is a little sticky tack, tape or pins to put them up. They always have a few wrinkles because of the way they are transported but they will make an big impact on your guests.
In this section you will also find 3D Wall Grabbers and self adhesive Floor Gore stickers.

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  1. Friendly Giant Decorating Kit

    Friendly Giant Room Decorating Kit

    This giant pumpkin patch decoration kit will cover a large area with happy Halloween friends. Learn More
    Code: 024-323
  2. Horror Clown Silhouette

    Horror Clown Silhouette

    Spooky Killer Clown Shadow printed cloth, attached legs and shoes Learn More
    Code: 024-308
  3. X78970

    Cockroach Toilet Paper

    Novelty Toilet Roll printed with Cockroaches, perfect for a Halloween House Party Learn More
    Code: 329-090
  4. Catacomb Wall Cloth 127cm x 193cm

    Catacombe Wall Cloth with 42 Skulls

    Catacomb Wall Cloth with 42 Plastic Skulls, impressive dungeon transformation with 127cm x 193cm of display backdrop Learn More
    Code: 024-306
  5. Gothic Mansion Room Roll

    Room Setter - Gothic Mansion

    Gives your room Gothic mansion walls top to bottom. Learn More
    Code: 024-356
  6. Stone Wall Room Setter for Halloween Parties

    Room Setter - Stone Wall

    Last year's most sought after Halloween decoration. Learn More
    Code: 412-093
  7. Couch Creatures 2x living dead wall decorations

    Scene Setter - Couch Creatures


    Don't you sometimes wish your guests would leave? Learn More

    Code: 412-100
  8. Spider Frenzy Room Setter

    Room Setter - Spider Frenzy

    Turn your walls into a spiders banqueting hall. Learn More
    Code: 340-001
  9. SAW - Spooky Scene Wall Decoration

    SAW - Spooky Scene Wall Decoration

    Large SAW wall decorations.

    If you are dressing up in SAW costumes this year these decorations will help turn your venue into a very frightening place. Learn More

    Code: 025-301
  10. Bio Hazard Loo Roll

    Bio Hazard Toilet Paper

    Great gag gift for flatmates or brothers who stink the place up. Learn More
    Code: 703-106

Items 1 to 10 of 52 total

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