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Miscellaneous Halloween Decorations. Some decorations don't fit into normal catagories. These are often the most fun as little details are important when creating an overall Halloween look. In this section there are banners, table centre pieces, incident tapes and other kinds of Halloween themed decorations.

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  1. Mexican Day of the Dead Bunting

    Day of the Dead Mexican Bunting

    This wonderfully colourful Mexican bunting is traditional at the festival called Day and The Dead at the end of October. Learn More
    Code: 198-016
  2. Black and Bone Day of the Dead table centre piece

    Black and Bone Halloween Cascade Table Centrepiece 35.5cm

    This Day of the Dead table centre piece is a fabulous twist for a Halloween party. Learn More
    Code: 412-200
  3. No Tear Novelty Toilet Paper

    No Tear Novelty Toilet Paper 9 metres long.

    This joke loo roll won't tear. How frustrating is that? Your house guests will soon be shouting for help. Learn More
    Code: 703-105
  4. Paper Lantern Set Day of the Dead

    Black and Bone Lanterns Pack 19.6, 24.7 and 29.8cm

    These Day of the Dead style lanterns will look stunning at your Halloween Party venue with their macabre images. Learn More
    Code: 412-202
  5. Animated Skull with moving jaw, hair, flashing realistic eyes 20cm

    Laughing Skull, Moving Hair and Light Up Eyes 20cm

    Laugh and eyes flash but what makes them really special is that their hair moves forwards and back too. Hilarious. Learn More
    Code: 024-476
  6. Pile of Skulls with Light Up Eyes

    Gruesome Horror Pile of Skulls with Light Up Eyes 33cm

    Make any corner of your room look more gothic, more creepy and more haunted. Learn More
    Code: 024-410
  7. Halloween Poison Bottles

    Poison Bottles (Pack of 2)

    Whats your poison? Plastic Halloween Poison Bottles Learn More
    Code: 140-067
  8. Spider Cascade Table Top Decoration

    Spider Mini Cascade Tabletop Centrepiece

    Grace your table with a spider themed centrepiece this Halloween. Learn More
    Code: 340-128
  9. Zombie balloons come in a mix of four colours, black, orange, red and green

    Zombie Halloween 11inch Balloons Pack of 25

    Even Zombies appreciate it when you make the effort to decorate. Learn More
    Code: 705-571
  10. Bio Hazard Loo Roll

    Bio Hazard Toilet Paper

    Great gag gift for flatmates or brothers who stink the place up. Learn More
    Code: 703-106

Items 1 to 10 of 57 total

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