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SillyJokes has a great selection of party candles for every occasion. As well as traditional cake candles and candle holders, we also have number candles for birthdays, Halloween candles and even romantic Valentines candles for that special night in with the one you love.

Browse our extensive selection of party candles using the menu options below and buy online today!

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  1. Pack of 12 Lantern Candles

    Lantern Candles (12 Pack)

    Pack of 12 Candles for use with paper lanterns Learn More
    Code: 703-292
  2. Magic Candles

    Magic Candles - Pack of 10 (with holders)

    Relight my fire! These candles just won't be blown out. Learn More
    Code: 121-075
  3. Pk10 Metallic Silver Spiral Candles

    Candles: Metallic Silver Spiral Pk10

    Silver candles to celebrate silver anniversaries and jubilees. Learn More
    Code: 022-002
  4. Pk10 Metallic Gold Spiral Candles

    Candles: Metallic Gold Spiral Pk10

    Golden Cake Candles, ideal for a 50th Wedding Anniversary. Learn More
    Code: 022-003
  5. Assorted Candy Stripe Balloons PK24

    Candles: Candy Stripe Asst. Pk24

    A good supply of cake candles. Learn More
    Code: 022-007
  6. Pk12 Assorted Colour Holders

    Candles: Holders Asst. Pk12

    Push the cake candles into these holders. Learn More
    Code: 022-015
  7. Gruesome Horror - Pumpkin Candles (Set of 3)

    Pumpkin Candles (Set of 3)

    These 3 pumpkin shaped candles should bring a flame to your pumpkin display. Could be placed inside a pumpkin or along side. Learn More
    Code: 024-184
  8. Halloween Gravestone Candles

    Gravestone Halloween Candle (1 of Asst)

    These gravestone themed Halloween candles have lots of wicks so will bring plenty of light to your display. Learn More
    Code: 024-304
  9. Pink & Red Mini Heart Candles

    Valentine : 6 Mini Heart Candles (Red/Pink Mix)

    Float a few of these in a pretty bowl to create a romantic atmosphere at the dinners. Learn More
    Code: 705-004
  10. Glass Votive Set Pk4 - Del Sol Motif

    Glass Votive Set Pk4 - Del Sol Motif

    Votive candles in four assorted summer colours in glass holders. Learn More
    Code: 790-484

Items 1 to 10 of 13 total

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