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Browse all the balloons and accessories for sale at SillyJokes right here. We have hundreds of choices so it could take you some time but you should be able to select your colour on the left . Remember 5 inch balloons are very small, about the size of a coconut and are useful in making displays and decorating your balloon weight but won't float with helium. 11 inch balloons are the ones to make floating bunches or air filled bunches for the walls and doorways. You can fill our balloons with either air or helium but if it has a design pay attention to the way up it is printed. You don't want it to float upside down.

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  1. Rocket Balloons

    Rocket Balloons pack of 2

    Watch them shoot off around the room with a noisy raspberry Learn More
    Code: 700-137
  2. Rocket Balloons Box of 72 (2 per Pk)

    Rocket Balloons Box of 72 (2 per Pk)

    Always a pleaser at parties and events as guests love setting them off to fly around the room whistling. Learn More
    Code: 700-125
  3. Jewel Assortment

    11 Inch Balloons Radiant Jewel Asst. (Pk 100)

    Masses of mixed up colour. Learn More
    Code: 700-422
  4. Radiant Pearl Midnight Blue

    11 Inch Latex Balloons Pearl Midnight Blue 25pk

    25 Midnight Blue Balloons. Learn More
    Code: 705-367
  5. Pink 5mm Ribbon

    Balloon Ribbon 5mm x 500m Pink

    Tie up your balloons with complimenting colourful ribbon. Learn More
    Code: 702-006
  6. Zombie balloons come in a mix of four colours, black, orange, red and green

    Zombie Halloween 11inch Balloons Pack of 25

    Even Zombies appreciate it when you make the effort to decorate. Learn More
    Code: 705-571
  7. Pack of 25 Asst. shapes, sizes and colours

    Lets Party Balloons Asst. Shapes pk 50

    Lets Party - 50 mixed size, shape and colour Latex Balloons. Learn More
    Code: 700-042
  8. 260Q Modelling Balloons - Orange (100 pk)

    260Q Modelling Balloons - Orange (100 pk)

    Orange 260Q modelling balloons. Learn More
    Code: 700-907
  9. White 5mm Ribbon

    5mm Balloon Ribbon 91m - White

    100 yards of balloon ribbon which is usually enough to tie about 75 balloons if you give each just over a yard. Learn More
    Code: 702-403
  10. Fashion Lime Green

    11 Inch Latex Balloons Fashion Lime Green (Pk 25)

    Qualatex Fashion Lime Green Balloons. Learn More
    Code: 705-326

Items 1 to 10 of 263 total

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