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SillyJokes has a fantastic range of balloon accessories to choose from, including everything from balloon ribbons and balloon weights to hi-float balloon treatment to increase your balloons floating life. No party is complete without party balloons and no party balloon is complete without balloon accessories.

Our balloon accessories are eligible for free UK delivery on orders over £40. Buy balloon accessories online today from SillyJokes.

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  1. Zibi Balloon Stick and Cup

    Zibi Balloon Sticks - Bag of 100 White


    Perfect for give away balloons at events. Much cheaper than helium, balloons won't float away causing distress and litter. Learn More
    Code: 702-165
  2. 15lb Nylon Line for creating Balloon Arches and Towers

    15lb Nylon Line - 109 Yards


    Used to create balloon arches, bind up balloons invisibly and suspend decorations. Learn More
    Code: 700-046
  3. Ultra Hi Float - 16oz Bottle with Dispenser Pump

    Ultra Hi Float - 16oz Bottle with Dispenser Pump


    Hi-float and dispenser prolongs the float times of up to 100 11" diameter latex balloons. Learn More
    Code: 700-114
  4. high float treatment

    Ultra Hi Float - 24oz Bottle


    Increases the float time of latex balloons by up to 25 times.

    Learn More
    Code: 700-113
  5. Hand Balloon Pump

    Hand Balloon Pump Small


    For all air filled balloons. Balloon modelling essential Learn More
    Code: 700-110
  6. Qualatex Pocket Balloon Pump

    Qualatex Pocket Balloon Pump


    Handy pump for modelling balloons which can be stowed in your pocket during performances. Learn More
    Code: 700-115
  7. White 5mm Ribbon

    5mm Balloon Ribbon 91m - White


    100 yards of balloon ribbon which is usually enough to tie about 75 balloons if you give each just over a yard. Learn More
    Code: 702-403
  8. Azalea 5mm Ribbon

    Balloon Ribbon 5mm x 500m Azalea


    Tie up your balloons with complimenting colourful ribbon. Learn More
    Code: 702-024
  9. Balloon Seal Ribbon

    Balloon Seals With Ribbons (Bag of 250)


    A simple way to tie off balloons and attach ribbon. Learn More
    Code: 110-018
  10. Faster Blaster Balloon Pump

    Faster Blaster Balloon Pump


    Cleverly inflates at twice the speed. Learn More
    Code: 700-116

Items 1 to 10 of 47 total

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