Do you need something silly?

London Underground Party costume ideas.

If you are going to a party with the theme of the London Underground, we've put some ideas together for you.

First of all, don't underestimate the ease with which you could fashion a prop which will make all the difference. A cardboard cut-out of a letter N, E, S or W will give you the point on the compass North, East, South, and West. Shapes like Square, Oval and Circle will also be easy to do. A bridge shape could help you out for several stations like Redbridge, London Bridge and Knightsbridge. Try a five barred gate for any of the Gate stations like Cannonsgate, Lancaster Gate and Aldgate. For parks you could reproduce a Parking Sign

  • Angel - this is an easy one. Get your feathery wings and fly
  • Arsenal - got any footie kit at home? Or we do have some nice rubber bums.
  • Baker Street - you could go as Sherlock Holmes, but what about Gerry Rafferty? (a beard, aviator specs and a sax will do), or you can dress as a chef and take a tray of buns - see above, oh, no, that's bums.
  • Bank - Bowler hat, black umbrella and a sack of bonuses
  • Barking - Dog costume or mask
  • Blackhorse Road - a black horse mask
  • Black Friars - a black monk costume
  • Canary Wharf - try a yellow chicken costume
  • Cockfosters - the chicken costume works for this too
  • Covent Garden - cover yourself in flowers or be an opera singer
  • Dagenham East - Stacey Solomon, or Derek and Clive
  • Euston - what about a spaceman or astronaut Try saying Huston. Use cardboard to make a Square shape to create Euston Square
  • Hammersmith - wear a black apron and get an inflatable hammer as an accessory
  • Hangar Lane - get some wooden coat hangers and hook them into your clothes
  • Hatton Cross - wear a hat and be grumpy with everyone, or get a big cross on a necklace. Perhaps you fancy yourself as a boxer in which case you could be Ricky Hatton wearing a cross.
  • Heathrow Terminals - cabin crew costumes
  • High Barnet - a really tall wig. Barnet is rhyming slang for hair as in Barnet Fair - Hair
  • Holland Park - Dutch national costume, clogs and Dutch Cap at the very least
  • Holloway Road - prisoner costume for ladies
  • Hyde Park Corner - army fatigues and camouflage paint so you can hide - geddit? Oh please yourselves
  • Kew Gardens - cover yourself in greenery or go as a gardener holding a snooker queue
  • King's Cross - Richard Lionheart or Crusader costume or any sovereign at all, but be in a bad mood.
  • Knightsbridge - Knight costume and take your bridge with you
  • Maida Vale - wear a bride's veil and tell everyone you made it
  • Mornington Crescent - just don't go to the party at all or don't dress up - this station was for a time non operational
  • North Wembley - more footie kit for this
  • Oxford Circus - any circus character works for this. Clowns and Ringmasters are most obvious. Put on a mortar board to make it more Oxford
  • Paddington - floppy hat, duffle coat, red wellington boots and plenty of marmalade sandwiches
  • Tooting Broadway - learn a few show tunes on a trumpet
  • Wimbledon - straight forward tennis whites for this one, or a nice womble
  • Victoria - a queen Victoria costume might be a bit austere but what about a tasty Sandwich Sponge cake or 'Victoria's Secrets' model?

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