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Beach Party Ideas

Turn a summer get together into a relaxed Beach Party with our beach party ideas. The world is full of beaches so every beach party can have a slightly different twist.

  • Caribbean party with rum and relaxation?
  • Hawaiian with colourful leis, grass skirts and maybe a little Elvis thrown in?
  • A 50's surfing party full of kitsch and surf boards?
  • Thai getaway with spicy curries and temples?
  • A Marooned Party filled with guests from a wrecked ocean liner?
  • Pirates and Island Beauties?

Intriguing invitations which guests cannot refuse.

  • Write on buckets and spades with indelible pen.
  • Put your message in a bottle using 'parchment' created by staining paper with a cold used teabag.
  • Use the same method to create a treasure map invitation, singeing the edges with a flame to really age it up.
  • Cut out a simple Hawaiian shirt shape using loud wrapping paper and put your invitation on the reverse.
  • Send an inexpensive lei along with the invitation as a welcome gift before the event has even started. Break up one lei and glue stick the flowers onto the card.

Venue and Decoration

Start by planning to hold a lot of the party outside and let the night sky be your ceiling. But take care to give guests somewhere to escape the great British Summer should it decide to rain.

Decorate the entrance area of your party. It really impresses and helps break the ice by giving everyone something to get chatting about. It makes a great photo opportunity for catching memories of your party by snapping guests as they arrive.

  • Flank the doorway with cut out or inflatable palm trees and a pile of coconuts.
  • Create huts using rush matting on end with another sheet for a roof.
  • Place a surf board either side of the door - cut-outs will do if you don't live near the sea.
  • For a pirate island why not dangle a couple of skeletons wearing a hat and eyepatch
  • Large bunches of balloons in citrusy island colours can set the tone if you have gone for a controlled colour scheme.
  • Pass a beautiful Hawaiian lei as a greeting to every guest as they arrive.

To give your garden atmosphere take care to provide safe outdoor lighting either in the form of flame torches or electric fairy lights widely available from garden centres.

Indoors try making the place feel like a beach hut with windows onto a tropical location. We have lots of scene setters here

Beach Party Food and Drink

Barbecue food is a must but can be a challenge if you have a lot of guests. You can prevent food poisoning and reduce the hassle by cooking things like chicken pieces in your conventional oven before finishing off over the coals.

Consider a cannibal hotpot which can be kept in the freezer to reduce preparation on the day.

Keep the theme of your beach party in mind as you pick out your menu and provide condiments or marinades to compliment the country or era.

We found this great BBQ recipe site which has masses of tasty suggestions in alphabetical order.

For sweet a juicy fruit salad and ice cream is perfect. Don't forget slices of fresh coconut and rum.

Island Touches add atmosphere

  • Find island music online and play the local radio station for fantastic atmosphere. We found the following Hawaiian music and Jamaican Music
  • Drink decorations such as tiny parasols and charms.
  • Dress your tables with grass skirts
  • Buy some play sand (which unlike builders sand will not stain clothing) and use it to create beach areas.
  • Dot the area with jungle decorations like parrots, inflatable snakes etc

Beach Activities for all

  • Water Balloon toss - throw them between you until one bursts.
  • Hula Hoops
  • Entertain children with a treasure hunt at a pirate party
  • Limbo - how low can you go?
  • Tug of war - with the lawn sprinkler in the middle
  • Foot races were popular in Hawaii - adapt this by creating three legged races, or Space Hopper races.

SillyJokes Beach Party Resources

Hawaiian Dressing up
Pirate Dressing Up Disposable Tableware -
with a Hibiscus design or in a choice of plain colours
Inflatable animals
Inflatable Palm Trees

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