Do you need something silly?

A great way to get creative. These masks are perfect for plays, pantos or just for fun.

You will need to be prepared before beginning painting.

Here are the basic items you will need to get started.

  • 1 pack of basic acrylic colours. You can purchase a beginners pack of paints from any art shop from under £10.
  • Small flat brushes are best for straight lines and detailed areas. And a bigger brush to cover the larger areas quickly.
  • Plenty of news paper or an old dust sheet in case of spills and a pot to wash your brushes in.
  • A pencil for marking. A rubber for mistakes.
  • Also a paint palette. You could use a saucer or even better an old plastic take-away carton with a lid. A lid will stop the acrylics drying out.
  • And finally your white to paint mask.

If you are new to acrylics here are some tips.

  • Mix up the acrylic with a little water. Try to get a nice consistency not too thick not too thin. As runny as say tomato Ketchup. Acrylics are water based paint. Always read the instructions.
  • Acrylic is a fast drying plastic paint so be careful not to get it on your clothes.
  • Always wash your brush thoroughly in luke warm water after applying each colour.
  • After you have finished painting wash your brushes with soapy water. Cover the brush in soap as if you were painting the soap. Then in your hand again use a painting motion remove all the acrylic from the brush.
  • When acylics dry on plastic they can easily be scratched so be careful with your final piece. You can purchase acrylic varnish although this is expensive.
  • Acrylic dries quickly but give each layer of paint a good hour before applying another coat. The paint might look dry on top but might still be wet underneath.

Painting your mask

It's always best to prepare your mask before painting to remove any dirt or grease. Fairy liquid and a sponge will do. Dry well and then pencil on your design. The mask at the top of the page is based in a traditional chinese opera style, used for plays.

Drawing on your design is quite difficult, you need a steady hand. I found resting the mask over your knee helps.

Once you are happy with you design your ready to start painting

Here are some examples of White to Paint Male Face Masks which have been painted in various styles. You may wish to experiment by sticking things on to your masks such as feathers, beads, sequins, glitter, or metallic foil.

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