Do you need something silly?

Need ideas for fancy dress beginning with the letter W? We've given a range of ideas which we hope will spark your imagination. We've got a huge range of costumes, masks and accessories which will help you dress up in theme. You can solve your problem with a straightforward costume or use a range of accessories to create the most amusing and original costume of the night.

  • Witch - Wicked
  • Waiter
  • Will I Am
  • Willy Wonka
  • White Queen
  • Wench - pirate or tavern
  • Wounded
  • Watch Maker
  • Waster (we all know one)
  • Wonder Woman
  • Werewolf
  • Whoppee Cushion
  • William Wallace
  • Wizard
  • Wrestler - Sumo or Nacho Libre
  • Widemouth Frog
  • Where's Wally
  • WAG
  • Walker - go in your hiking gear an stick 'Walkers' crisp packets to your shirt
  • White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland
  • William Shakespeare
  • Wendy from Peter Pan
  • Woody from Toystory
  • Woodcutter - from Red Riding Hood
  • Wee Willie Winkie

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