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Funtastic new free online game from the makers of Arse Race. Like 'Asteroids' but with bums.

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Arse Race

Get ready to 'Move your Blooming Arse' for the funniest track meet of the year... Arse Race

Featured in Daily Mirror & Star
Featured in FHM's 100 Greatest Online Games


Fartmatic 5000

Have fun creating farts with our Wallace and Gromit style Fartmatic 5000. Watch out for the brown bubbler!!.

Featured in Daily Mirror


Farting Nun Organ

"The hills are alive with the sound of Music"

Play, record, create a chorus of ecclesiastical flatulence.


The 1812 Overture - Manualism

Hear our surprising 'on hold' music as played by the astonishing R. A. Wilson.


Hawaii Five-O

Hilarious rendition of the famous TV show theme tune.


Janken - Rock, Paper, Scissors

Challenge Janken Joe to an online game of Rock, Paper Scissors


Burnin Pon

Strangely compelling work by the Master who brought you most of the other stuff here. Even more bizarre than Hebebe. Words, music, voice and animation by The Chridmeister.



Wierd Flash 4 animation starring two 'Things'
Please don't ask us to explain it!!!


HeBeBe 2

The sequel, starring two 'Things'


Dancing Blair

The grooviest Prime Minister this country has ever seen.



The Gameboy classic, with funky music and excellent improved features.


A Long Weight

Get a free sample of this innovative new product


Tartan Paint

Paint your room tartan in one easy, washable, coat


Empty Stadium Seat

Sports fans, why not go to your next game dressed as an empty seat?


Fart Jokes

A collection of classic Fart Jokes, possibly even some you haven't heard.


Fancy Dress Quiz

A quick and fun way to find what costume suits your personality.



Take 30 seconds to make a witty and original story, no skills necessary.


Unabridged Dictionary of Farting

With over 160 ways to fart this is possibly the most comprehensive Dictionary of Farting on the internet.


Famous Farters

The SillyJokes team take a look at famous farters from History and Hollywood.



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