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All our great wigs in one place so you can page through. We have long wigs, short ones, blonde, red, black curly and straight. Afro wigs are popular with their bright colours as are those that help you look like someone famous. Changing your hair for a party can make you look so different it is startling and the effect can be hilarious if you are normally bald.

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  1. Coloured Pop Wigs

    Coloured Pop Wig

    Great value afro pop wig in a wide range of bright colours Learn More
    Code: 020-65-P
  2. Bald Head Cap

    Bald Head Skull Cap

    Can be used under a wig or on it's own. Learn More
    Code: 020-450
  3. Rainbow Punk Wig

    Rainbow Punk Wig

    Be the girl with five colours in her hair by wearing this rainbow punk wig. Learn More
    Code: 197-904
  4. Blonde Heidi Wig with plaits

    Heidi Wig with Plaits Blonde

    Such a cute wig with quite long thick plaits to wear for lots of events but in particular any kind of Alpine dressing up such as Oktoberfest, Heidi, German Girl and so on. Learn More
    Code: 410-334
  5. Red Punk Mohican Wig

    Red Mohican Wig

    This Red Mohican wig with rubber sides will give you the viscous edge you may otherwise lack. Learn More
    Code: 410-346
  6. Mens Wig - Rock Star (Black)

    Mens Wig - Rock Star (Black)

    This long shaggy black rock star wig is just what you need to be a real guitar hero. Learn More
    Code: 010-985
  7. Bald Head with Hair

    Bald Head with Hair

    Going a bit thin on top? Learn More
    Code: 020-46-P
  8. Woolly Clown Wig - Red

    Woolly Clown Wig - Red

    Red wool wig, the stand out colour for clowns and football fans. Learn More
    Code: 020-863
  9. Hot Pink Bob Wig

    Cabaret Wig Hot Pink

    Bright pink wig for charity events Learn More
    Code: 410-240
  10. Short Styled Ginger Wig

    Mens Wig: Short Style Ginger

    Short ginger or red head wig. Learn More
    Code: 020-309

Items 1 to 10 of 164 total

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