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Men's uniform costumes. Lots of funny uniform costumes from the armed forces, clowns, monks and many more. Browse by size or priceusing the Shiopping Options and find the outfit that is right for you and your party. We ship fast.

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  1. mens Matador Costume

    Value Costume: Adult Matador

    Going to Spain this year? Why not dress like a local? You'll blend right in. Learn More
    Code: 193-025
  2. Factory Worker Costume

    Factory Worker Costume

    Is your dream to work in a chocolate factory whilst singing songs? Learn More
    Code: 196-36-P
  3. Plumbers Mate - Green

    Plumbers Mate - Green

    Are you are Italian, a plumber and like platform games and you like to get into all kinds of plumbing adventures then this costume is for you. Learn More
    Code: 197-19-P
  4. Pilot Captian Costume

    Value Costume: Pilot Captain Adult

    "Club Tropicana Drinks are Free," or "This is your Captain speaking, now don't panic, but can anyone fly a plane?" Learn More
    Code: 194-179
  5. Doctors Lab Coat

    Adult Costume: Doctors White Lab Coat

    If you need to look scientific then you need a white lab coat to lend you the air of a learned Professor or ardent young Doctor. Learn More
    Code: 197-376
  6. Baggy Britches Clown

    Adult Costume: Baggy Britches the Clown

    Run away to the circus in this colourful clown suit complete with baggy trousers and top hat with flower. Learn More
    Code: 190-614
  7. Mens Deluxe Costume: Friar Tuck

    Mens Deluxe Costume: Friar Tuck

    Polish off that chicken and take a swig from your flaggon before rescuing Robin Hood from yet another forest related scrape. Learn More
    Code: 190-700
  8. Mens School Boy Costume

    Mens School Boy Costume

    School Boy fancy dress for Grown Ups Learn More
    Code: 191-644
  9. Mens Clown Ensemble - Hooped Trousers, Hat and Bow

    Mens Clown Ensemble - Hooped Trousers, Hat and Bow

    These big clown trousers come complete with matching hat and bow tie and straps to keep them up. Learn More
    Code: 193-046
  10. Big Daddy Costume

    Adult Costume: Mens Big Daddy

    The word is you rule the streets in this 'hood. Learn More
    Code: 194-281

Items 1 to 10 of 19 total

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