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We have hundreds of masks for sale and you can see them all here. There are masquerade masks, animal masks. transparent and latex people masks some of which you can even paint or decorate for an art project or carnival float theme. Some are brought from China while others are made here in the UK. You can find many colours and styles to suit and we will ship it out to you fast and well packed. We've been trading online since 1999 so you can trust us to get your mask to you fast.

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  1. White Duck / Goose Mask

    White Duck / Goose Face Mask

    This white duck face mask is good for Jemima Puddle Duck or Goosey Loosey. Learn More
    Code: 030-046
  2. Furry Fox Mask

    Furry Fox Halfmask

    Fluffy fox half mask with elastic strap. Learn More
    Code: 410-473
  3. Swan Mask

    Swan Face Mask

    Plastic swan face mask for children and adults. Learn More
    Code: 031-059
  4. Latex Female Face Mask

    Latex Female Face

    The kind of surreal effect Slipknot would kill for. Learn More
    Code: 031-090
  5. Feather Eyemask with Beak - Yellow

    Feather Eyemask with Beak - Yellow

    This eyemask will turn you into a yellow bird, a chick maybe? Learn More
    Code: 032-651
  6. Phantom Of The Opera

    Phantom of the Opera PVC Facemask

    £0.99 here. Learn More
    Code: 031-070
  7. Old Lady Full Head Mask

    Over Head Mask Old Lady

    Ooh, Young Man! Learn More
    Code: 031-095
  8. Transparent Female Face with Make-Up (Single)

    Face Mask: Transparent Female with Make Up

    This female transparent mask will change your face in the strangest way. Learn More
    Code: 032-445
  9. Rubber Pig Face Mask with mouth free

    Mask - Rubber Pig (mouth free)

    What a Babe. Learn More
    Code: 032-730
  10. Plastic Hat Mask - Dinosaure Green

    Dinosaur Plastic Hat Mask - Green

    Also makes a great crocodile mask. Learn More
    Code: 032-756

Items 1 to 10 of 266 total

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