Do you need something silly?


Whether you are looking to lie low or fool a friend, our range of life-like people masks are the perfect option. Available as a complete over-the-head mask or front face only, our range of people masks offer a huge number of guises including old man and old lady variations.

View our full range of life-like people masks below.

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  1. Robotic Face Mask

    White Robotic Face Mask


    A expressionless face like that of an automaton. Learn More
    Code: 031-040
  2. Transparent Female Face with Make-Up (Single)

    Face Mask: Transparent Female with Make Up


    This female transparent mask will change your face in the strangest way. Learn More
    Code: 032-445
  3. Female Face Mask to paint

    Female Carnival Face Mask (white to paint)


    Wear these paintable robotic masks plain for a surreal expressionless visage, or decorate and use as a basis of your own designs. Learn More
    Code: 030-110
  4. (Single) Transparent Male Face with painted detail

    Face Mask: Transparent Male with Make Up


    These transparent masks are transformative in a weird unsettling way. Learn More
    Code: 032-446
  5. Drag Queen wig

    Face Mask - Drag Queen


    We were inspired by the beautiful and elaborate make up of Drag Queens to create this stunning female latex mask. Learn More
    Code: 031-113
  6. Old Man Front Face Mask

    Front Face Mask Old Man


    During the war.... Learn More
    Code: 031-112
  7. Old Man Full Head Mask

    Over Head Mask Old Man


    Is it Santa? Is it Grampa? Is it Worzel Gummidge? Learn More
    Code: 031-094
  8. Guy Fawkes protest mask

    Guy Fawkes Mask


    This Guy Fawkes mask is a favourite with protesters the world over and this version is very good value. It is made of sturdy plastic with 10mm wide elastic to hold it on. Learn More
    Code: 032-472
  9. Tragedy Masks, venetian style

    Tragedy Venetian Mask on Headband


    Theatrical mask of Tragedy Learn More
    Code: 410-441
  10. Head Mask - Rubber Baby Scary Mask

    Head Mask - Rubber Baby Scary Mask


    Adult sized baby mask. This baby looks really mean. Learn More
    Code: 032-769

Items 1 to 10 of 26 total

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