Do you need something silly?


Scare your family, friends or colleagues with our gruesome range of horror masks. From the famous Horror Movie Hocky Mask to our deluxe latex horror masks such as the Finger Cracker, our scary masks will be sure to give a large fright to those who you encounter.

Ideal for Halloween, Parties or as a practical joke, our horror masks are of the highest possible quality and prices start from as little as £4.97 + P&P. View our full range of scary and ghoulish horror masks below.

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  1. Rubber Clown front face mask with hair

    Mask - Clown Face with red hair

    Is there anything more creepy than a clown? Learn More
    Code: 032-718
  2. Skull Lorgnette

    Eyemask: Skull Lorgnette

    Elegant Skull Masquerade Mask on Skeleton Arm Stick Learn More
    Code: 030-084
  3. Rubber Witch half face mask with attached scarf

    Mask - Half Face Witch with scarf. Mouth free

    Don't go buying any red apples from this old crone. Learn More
    Code: 032-705
  4. Mirror Mask

    Haunted Mirror Mask and Hood

    This Halloween mask is very clever and it is scary too, without looking really gory. It is a one way mirror. You can see out really pretty well, but no one can see in. Learn More
    Code: 020-904
  5. Preciouos Dreadful Doll Mask

    Dreadful Doll Masks Precious

    Precious has been abandoned but now she is back and she wants to punish you for leaving her at the dump. Learn More
    Code: 030-087
  6. Charles the Panda

    Deadly Bear Masks Charles the Panda

    Somewhere in the nursery your favourite panda bear is coming to get you. Learn More
    Code: 030-093
  7. Stretch Horror Mask: Kiss

    Stretch Horror Mask: Kiss

    Pull this nylon mask over your head and give yourself an instant KISS makeover. Learn More
    Code: 030-081
  8. Wolf Man or Beast Hood

    Wolf Man or Beast Hood

    Wolf Man or Beast Fake Fur Hood with pointy rubber ears for fancy dress fun . Learn More
    Code: 032-793
  9. Hooded Flexi Skull Mask

    Horror Mask: Hooded Skull Flexi Mask

    Fits close to your face and provides movement as you talk and scare. Learn More
    Code: 020-906
  10. Crying Chrissie Dreadul Doll Mask

    Dreadful Doll Masks Crying Chrissie

    This baby doll wants her eyes back. Have you seen them? Learn More
    Code: 030-089

Items 1 to 10 of 58 total

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